Educational Buildings

Educators call the General because of the versatility a General Steel building provides. Our buildings are completely custom and easily expandable so your building can be designed to address the needs of your particular school and grow to accommodate increasing class sizes and expansions of extracurricular activities.

Custom Designed Schools

The space required by schools differs with every educational facility built. Schools such as the University of Central Florida and Oklahoma State have turned to General Steel because our team will custom design your new school facility according to your school or university’s unique needs. Below are two example floor plans from recent educational projects that our team designed.

If you see a floor plan below that is exactly what you are looking for, let us know and we will design your new building with that floor plan in mind.

However if you don’t see your perfect plan, let our design experts go to work for you and come up with a perfect space for your needs.

Example School Floor Plans

Price My Building 450x1001 School Building Floor Plans

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We Chose General Steel

School Floor Plans School Building Floor Plans

School Floor Plan 1

School Floor Plans School Building Floor Plans

School Floor Plan 2