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Metal Building Kits and Steel Building Kits

By definition these building systems are different than any other type of “steel building.” What makes metal building kits unique is the fact that the building system bolts together and all of the welding is done at that factory prior to delivery. This seemingly minor detail reduces construction costs significantly and makes many steel building kits do-it-yourself friendly.

How Steel Building Kits Are DeliveredHow Steel Building Kits Are Delivered

Steel building kits are a cost-effective and efficient way to get the extra space you need for your home or business in the form of a durable, easy to assemble building. A steel building kit is engineered for your local area, arrives conveniently at your job site on a truck and includes a bundle of I-beams, wall sheeting, secondary framing, roofing panels and instructions providing a step-by-step guide to erect your steel building. In fact, as long as you contact us to make sure the codes and loads will be correct for another locale, these kits can be just as easily disassembled and transported to another location to be assembled again.

There’s a Metal Building Kit for Every Business, Individual, Church and Organization

General Steel has delivered thousands of metal buildings for designed specifically for virtually every use imaginable. While many of our customers continue to use their buildings for more traditional applications such as warehouses, industrial spaces, workshops, garages and barns, others come to us daily wanting all of the benefits a prefab metal building provides but with a more specific use in mind. These “outside the box” thinkers are some of our most valuable customers because they have helped us prove that our pre-engineered buildings can be the best choice for many different projects such as schools, museums, fire stations and even the press conference room at The White House.

Finding Your Building Type

Each building category below has its own dedicated resource page and photos to help guide you through our 3 step process. Once you find your building type, browse through our accessories and customization options before receiving your free no obligation quote by pricing your building online.
  • Agricultural and Hay Storage
    Storage for hay, equipment and livestock
  • Hangars for Airplane Storage
    Aircraft Hangars
    Aircraft storage with large bi-fold doors
  • Auto Repair and Mechanic Shops
    Auto Shops
    More bays more money
  • Metal Barns
    Durable storage and barndominiums
  • Breweries and Wineries
    Jumpstart your microbrewery business
  • Canopy Buildings with Open Walls
    Gain the flexibility of open walls
  • Churches
    Learn about our 5 step church process
  • Commercial Metal Buildings
    Buildings for a wide range of business use
  • Riding Arenas for Equestrian
    Riding Arenas
    Clear span uninterrupted space
  • Retail Buildings
    Custom single storefront buildings
  • Recreational Facilities
    Our most versatile activities center
  • Office Buildings
    Custom spaces mean more efficient operations
  • Mini and Self Storage Buildings
    Join an industry packed with entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturing Facilities
    Column free interiors for more efficient operations
  • Homes and Residential Houses
    The most durable residential solution
  • Gyms
    For churches, schools and universities
  • Golf Course Buildings and Cart Storage
    Golf Courses
    Golf cart storage, club houses and driving ranges
  • Fire Stations and Government Buildings
    Fire stations and facilities for municipalities
  • Simple Storage Buildings
    Simple Storage
    Because you need a bit more space
  • RV and Camper Storage
    RV Storage
    Protect your RV or camper from the elements
  • Metal Garages
    A new garage can raise your home value as much as 13%
  • Workshops
    Get the space you need for your work and hobbies
  • Steel Warehouses
    Expand your business with up to 300' of clear span space
  • Schools and Universities
    For every level of education

What’s Included in a Metal Building Kit?

Metal building kits come as basic building packages which can be customized in look and functionality using all of the accessories you have selected to be part of your package. Other than the anchor bolts and the concrete foundation you plan to build it on, each kit will arrive with everything you need to assemble your new building quickly.

40x60 garage building in New MexicoCommon Misconceptions

Rest assured, a steel building kit is not a square 20×20 cookie-cutter box with limited options; it’s actually quite the opposite. While a basic building is sufficient for many projects, there are a multitude of options and accessories designed specifically for metal buildings to customize the look and functionality of your kit.

It sounds simple, and in some ways it is. You can rest assured that a General Steel building kit includes everything needed along with detailed erection instructions to put together the exact building you ordered.

How We Help You

Working with General Steel, our project experts will help you determine exactly what building you need for your location and application. We take the time to evaluate the local requirements including snow loads, wind speeds and seismic conditions for your unique geographical location.

The intended application for your new building is also taken into account because secondary loads such as crane and lifts can change how the building is engineered.

In the End, the Design is Up to You

At the end of the day, your steel building kit is based on your personal customized design. Whether you are upgrading to a best-in-class metal barn or a world-class new warehouse facility with 300 feet of column free space, your building will reflect your original vision.

Metal Building Kits Compared to Other Construction Options

When You Build You Have Options

If you need space and have been searching for a solution, you have many different construction methods to choose from. In addition to the kits General Steel provides you have probably run across other options such as: arch style, light gauge, open-web, tube steel, weld-up and even pole barns which are actually made of wood.

While each type of construction seemingly has its pros, most agree that you get what you pay for. Cheaper buildings may come across as a viable option but the reality is, economy buildings can actually be less safe than steel buildings.

We Are Your Resource

Over the past several decades, we have assembled the most experienced team in the industry. Whether you decide to purchase a General Steel building, our team will do its best to guide you and help you understand why the majority of consumers end up choosing a prefab metal building over the alternatives.

Do You Have Another Quote?

Are you questioning whether or not the building another company has quoted out for you is legit? Use our upload another quote tool to send it to our tech department.

Once we receive the document, our tech team will review it for inaccuracies such as under-loading the framing. If you’d like, we will give you a call to run through the details and provide you with peace of mind.

How to Install