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Benefits of Steel Outweigh Other Buildings

As the rotary phone gave way to the touchtone phone and the touchtone phone to the cellular phone, so to must the traditional building materials of wood, brick and stone give way to the more efficient and reliable steel building. The benefits of steel buildings are now too numerous to ignore. Here are 8 reasons custom steel structures are the modern choice.

Steel is efficient to manufacture

(1) Lower Project Costs

Steel frames typically cost 5-7 percent less than traditional wood or concrete frames, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s due in part to a more stable market, but also because it takes fewer resources to produce steel, which means a less expensive material.

Steel buildings are durable

(2) Steel Lasts Longer

General Steel offers a 50-year warranty where most other companies only offer a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. General Steel is able to offer that warranty with confidence because our steel buildings are engineered according to specific demands from the customer and the climate in which the building is constructed.

Steel construction is simple and quick

(3) Construction is Faster

Time is money and the quicker a building can be constructed, the less money you will spend and the faster you can get to work. Our pre-engineered steel buildings are ready to be constructed upon delivery, making for an efficient installation process.

Termite damage on wood building

(4) Requires Less Maintenance

Steel buildings are durable and resistant to the typical wear and tear of traditional building materials. You’ll save time and money and reduce stress when you’re not worried about tending to the little things, including chipped paint, damaged shingles or damage caused by termites.

Metal buildings withstand the elements

(5) Able to Withstand the Elements

Our metal buildings are designed to meet the requirements of the climate in which you live. That means being able to withstand the strong winds of a southern hurricane or a heavy snowfall of a northern blizzard. One of our buildings was still standing even after the historic Hurricane Katrina. Steel is also virtually flame retardant, which makes it a safer investment both physically and financially.

Steel buildings are versatile and custom designed

(6) Versatility

Steel buildings allow for expansion more easily than traditional building materials. Because steel buildings offer long spans of column-free space, you have the freedom to design a more creative space while also allowing for future modifications. More than just function, steel buildings allow for artistic expression.

A steel building can be recycled

(7) Sustainability

Using steel for construction is more environmentally friendly than using wood or stone. Using wood or stone not only depletes the earth’s natural resources, but the materials cannot be recycled like steel. Because our steel buildings are custom-designed, there is also less waste in the construction process.

Choose the Best Construction Material for Your Project

Don’t be left behind by using outdated materials like wood, brick and stone for your project. Steel buildings offer the aesthetic and design flexibility while also providing the practical benefits required of a working space; a combination that goes unmatched by traditional materials.

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