Initial Application

Why Work for General Steel?

We offer a competitive base salary, great health benefits, and an aggressive commission structure allowing our top performers to earn six figures annually (some current salesmen have made $40k in one month). General Steel Corporation believes in a healthy work/life balance, we work hard Monday through Friday leaving the rest of your time to you and your family. Our corporate team is full of professionals who will challenge you daily, help you sharpen your skills and immediately take you in as part of our close-knit family style culture.

Getting Started

  • Higher Base for 90 Days
  • Benefits After 90 Days
  • Extensive Training Program

Other Benefits

  • Base Salary + Commissions
  • Company Events
  • 8am-5pm Workweek

Frequently Asked Questions

What states are you hiring in?

Our corporate office is located in Littleton, Colorado. We are currently only accepting resumes from those who can commute to our corporate office.

What positions are you looking to fill?

We are currently looking for experienced inside sales representatives to join our growing team.

Is this a cold calling job?

No! Each member of our sales team receives hundreds of new warm leads weekly generated by our national marketing campaigns.

What benefits are available?

Employees are eligible for health, vision and dental insurance after 90 days of employment.

What is the work / life balance?

Our sales team works 8am-5pm Monday through Friday only! Our employees have a great work / life balance.

What's the average income for a sales position?

Our top performers have already earned over $100,000 this year. We offer a reliable base and a generous commission structure.

Do you hire welders or other construction skilled employees?

We do not employ any contractors or other construction trades.

What about General Contractors?

If you are interested in becoming one of our preferred contractors or authorized independent dealers, please visit our contractor opportunities page.

What Our Employees Have to Say

"I've worked here for 12 years, basically it's the only job I've ever really had. I keep showing up everyday and still seem to enjoy it. I've made over a million dollars so that helps."
Component Sales: Luke

"I've worked here for two years now and love showing up to work everyday! It's like a big family here at General Steel! The opportunity is limitless."
Building Sales: Jon F.

"It is a pleasure to work for a company that is growing in the right direction and takes care of their employees. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. Teamwork is not a cliché, it is the culture at General Steel."
Component Sales: Ron

"I've worked for General Steel now for 3 years, it gets better the longer you're here. The training is intense, if you're weak you won't last, if you're tough and want to win the rewards and income are great. Almost everyone has heard of General Steel and we dominate this industry, so the leads are strong and the clients look forward to your call. The components department is loaded with very experienced and talented people to draw from, and you know they are taking care of your clients, freeing you up to keep working with new clients.I like that I come into work at 7:30 leave at 4:00 with weekends free and still make more then most salesman."
Building Sales: Charlie

"I have worked for General Steel for over 5yrs. The overall work environment is stimulating, challenging and highly rewarding! The company is good at putting people in positions to utilize their strengths and abilities. Incredible earning potential!"
Component Sales: Ryan

"General Steel allows me to balance work and home with ease. The money is great, and the amount of training that is provided puts money in the pocket fast."
Building Sales: Andy

How We Help You Succeed

At General Steel we are all only a successful as our employees. Therefore, we set clear attainable goals that are both challenging and rewarding. Every employee from our receptionist to salesmen to our support staff have a clear understanding of how their own personal work goals contribute to larger company goals.

General Steel has the most robust marketing program in the industry. We have poured over $80 Million into building the most recognized brand name when it comes to steel buildings in America and even abroad. This marketing program results in 100% incoming leads and no cold calling for business.

When Goals Aren’t Met – Ongoing Training
No matter how successful our employees are over the course of a year, we understand there will be times when goals are not met temporarily. This is why we have established the most effective ongoing training program for our salesmen and why we are the best at developing talent in the steel building industry. If you have the potential to become a great or better sales professional, there’s no better place to develop your skills than General Steel.

Lead Generation

  • Popular Media Personalties
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Print
  • Social Media
  • Extremely High Referral Rate