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A steel building from General Steel is a versatile solution for any pre-fabricated brewery. Every brewery building requires its own unique design elements, and you’ll work with our experienced team to create a facility that reflects those needs. Breweries and wineries are more popular than ever, and a building from General Steel can get you ahead of the competition. The flexibility, durability, and operational efficiency of a steel building sets you up for long-term success.

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Warranties and Service

Brand General Steel
Available Products I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting, C-Channel Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting
Add Colors Roof, Walls and Trim
I-Beam Structural Warranty 50 Years
Paint Warranty 40 Years
Galvalume Roof Warranty 25 Years
Standing Seam Roof Warranty 20 Years
Project Coordinator Included at No Additional Cost

Working with Our Team on Your Microbrewery Design

Working with General Steel is a collaborative process that ensures that your final product reflects your specific needs. The process starts with a two-way conversation between you and our experienced team. We want to know exactly how you’ll be using your brewery, how it fits within your property, and your ideas for interior and exterior design, among other factors. We then research the location of the building to ensure that your brewery facility is equipped to withstand the wind and snow loads of your area as well as any insulation requirements.

Once we get an idea of what building kit best suits your project, we work with you to add customization options, including a wide variety of doors, windows, and exterior color schemes. The ease of steel construction allows us to modify layouts and add further customizations without breaking your budget. From brewery design plans to construction, we provide the materials and expertise to transform a building kit into a brewery.

Efficient Microbrewery Building Costs

While steel is best known for its strength, there are a few other factors that make steel a superior building material. One advantage of steel construction is design flexibility. Breweries are popping up across the country, and as this space gets more competitive, there is a need for a unique brewery experience. Whether it’s for tours, a bar, or restaurant, the ability to style your floor plan according to use is needed to maximize efficiency and effect.

Another key advantage in choosing a steel building for your brewery is the ease of maintenance. The brewing process requires an extremely precise attention to detail. With a steel building, you can focus your time and energy on producing great beer and running your business rather than maintaining your building.

New Brewery Building vs Buying Existing

New Brwery Pros

  • Can expand the end wall in the future
  • Designed with your business in mind = more efficient
  • Customizable ceiling height optimal for microbreweries

New Brewery Cons

  • Could be a higher initial investment
  • Construction timelines can delay opening the business
  • Finding land with foot traffic for your business

Buy Existing Pros

  • Possibly no additional upfront land costs
  • May be located next to existing traffic generators
  • Can open your microbrewery business quickly

Buy Existing Cons

  • Space not designed for your microbrewery business
  • May need to move to expand your business
  • Ceiling height may not be optimal for brewery vessels
How will a steel building help get my brewery building up and running?

The design flexibility and construction timelines that come with steel construction allow entrepreneurs to construct a building tailored to their processes. The largest brewery companies in the world are often headquartered in steel buildings for these reasons.

What are the best businesses to open with a steel building?

Businesses that require a high degree of customization in their headquarters benefit greatly from steel construction. Breweries fall into this category due to the unique nature of the equipment and brewing process.

How much does it cost to build a brewery?

The cost of an brewery building depends on a few factors; first, the size of the building package. Larger structures cost more but are cheaper when considering cost per square foot. Second, building prices are determined by design, including the custom features that you select for your brewery. Lastly, the price of steel at any time can fluctuate based on market performance. These factors combine to set your final price.

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