Custom Steel Casino Building

Top 3 Customizations and Categories

If you’re planning on building something more common like a garage, workshop, warehouse or anything in between, you may be interested to know what other customers like you choose to outfit their buildings with. While some components are aimed at increasing ventilation or access to the building, other options like loading the building for an interior crane system are intended to provide increased functionality. Rest assured, you don’t have to have all of these customization options selected up front. Our team will help you determine which to add in order to create your perfect custom building system.

Metal Building Components

Access & Light

  • Sectional Doors
  • Windows
  • Walk Doors


  • Faux Stone Siding
  • Cupolas
  • Colored Wainscot


  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Insulation
  • Liner Panels
Custom Metal Building Color Combination
What Makes the Biggest Difference?

In the casino project you most likely immediately noticed that the building does not feature standard 26 gauge metal siding, but on a garage building a simple colored wainscot can go a long way. The First Council Casino building above was enhanced with our stucco panels which attach very similarly to ordinary sheeting. Our stucco panels can also be seen on the Gleam Car Wash business in Denver, Colorado. On the other hand, Johnny in North Carolina went with a bold Crimson Red wall color that really pops. In each example you can see how personalizing your building is easy with General Steel.

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