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Step 1: Location Info

Why we need your zip code

Letting us know where you plan on building is essential to providing an accurate building estimate. Your location is the first cost determining factor in our building estimating software.

Find Your Property

Map, Measure, Price

If you’re not sure what size you need, our map app will come in handy. Simply type in your address, zoom, place a building and then use the price your building form to get a quote.

Step 2: Building Info

Intended use and size considerations.

Accurate metal building prices are based on many external as well as controllable factors. Below we will explore two factors that you control as the buyer. Understanding these two inputs will guide you through Step 2 of the pricing process.

Metal Building Kits

Find Your Building Type

All of our 25+ metal building kits start out as base building packages. From there we help our customers tailor their kits according to intended use. It’s important for our team to know up front what type of building you plan to build so that we can suggest the right components and cost saving ideas.

If you’re new to steel buildings, it’s no problem! The table below provides common sizes for popular building types. If you’re still unsure of what size you need, give us your best guess on the form and we’ll get you into the best size to accommodate your needs.

Building Size Help

Example Sizes by Use

Base PackageTypical SizeTypical Use

Base PackageTypical SizeTypical Use
24x24 Metal Building Prices24×24This size building works well for garages, workshops, homes, storage buildings, retail stores and stables. Each building type can be created by adding the right functional components such as sectional doors for garages and horizontal slide windows and a walk door for a shop.
30x50 Metal Building Prices30×50This size building works well for metal garages with storage, breweries, RV storage and small private aircraft hangars. This is also a popular size for metal homes.
50x100 Metal Building Prices50×100Depending on the location, the 5,000 square feet threshold usually results in a lower cost per square foot. This size building works well for steel warehouses, manufacturing facilities, churches and gyms.
80x150 Metal Building Prices80×150Larger buildings such as our 80×150 are commonly sourced for warehousing, schools, riding arenas, sports facilities and commercial buildings.
Roof Pitch Help

1:12 is the Most Common

1:12 Roof Pitch Pricing


4:12 Roof Pitch Pricing

2:12 Roof Pitch Pricing


5:12 Roof Pitch Pricing

3:12 Roof Pitch Pricing


6:12 Roof Pitch Pricing

Metal Building Components

Customizing the Look and Functionality

Expert Advice

The components you choose can improve the functionality of your building or simply make it more aesthetically pleasing. Most of our customers wait to choose their components and colors with their Project Coordinator at General Steel, but we recommend getting familiar with the options available to you early on. That way you can decide what you’d prefer in terms of doors, windows and insulation.

Other Considerations

Good timing is essential to a successful project.

We offer a 90 day price lock guarantee and we can even hold delivery for several months in order to align your project with the best timing. Below are three factors you should consider when it comes to project timing and why our price lock promise is so important.

  • Weather and Seasonality: If you live in an area that experiences especially harsh winters or hot summers, choosing to commence construction during a temperate season can help ensure the success of your project.

  • Price of Steel: As a commodity, the cost of metal buildings is heavily dependent on the global pricing behavior of steel. Therefore, when you decide to lock your price is directly correlated to your final building price. See our annual steel prices forecast for more information.

  • Sales: Our goal is to get you into your metal building at the most affordable price. We won’t compromise on quality or service but we do offer select sizes at a discounted price through our building specials page.

Metal building kits are simple to assemble, but who’s going to do the work? Many of our smaller buildings are do-it-yourself friendly while others require the skills of steel building contractors. Either way, through our network of preferred contractors, we can price out any range of construction services you need and provide you with an estimate at any time during the process.

  • Construction Services: Simply let your representative at General Steel know what construction services you would like us to estimate and we will provide those figures along with your building quote.

Step 3: Your Info

What Happens Next

Each of our metal buildings is individually estimated according to your location, the intended use and the current price of steel. Nothing is more important to us than providing you with an accurate quote and getting you into a building at the most affordable price. Therefore, we may contact you if we have questions regarding your request or more importantly, we may have a building on sale that isn’t exactly what you typed into the form but will work for your intended use.

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