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Custom Metal Buildings

General Steel has delivered thousands of metal building kits designed specifically for virtually every use imaginable. While many of our customers continue to use their buildings for more traditional applications such as warehouses, industrial spaces, workshops, garages and barns, others come to us daily wanting all of the benefits of a prefab metal building but with a more specific use in mind. These “outside the box” thinkers are some of our most valuable customers because they have proven that our pre-engineered buildings can be the best choice for many different projects such as schools, museums, fire stations and even the press conference room at The White House.

Base Building + Customizations = Your Metal Building Kit

Learn what makes our building systems unique.

By definition, the building systems offered by General Steel are different than any other type of steel building. Our metal building kits are unique because the building system bolts together, and all of the welding is done at the factory prior to delivery. In fact, all of your framed openings for functional necessities such as windows, doors and even skylights are pre-punched before arriving at your job site. These details may seem minor, but these differentiators from other building systems significantly reduce construction costs and make many of our steel building kits do-it-yourself friendly, no matter the type of project.

Standard Building Features
  • Primary Framing

  • Secondary Framing

  • Wall Sheeting

  • Roof Panels

  • Bolts and screws (anchor bolts not included)

Easy to Add Options
  • Walk, rollup, sectional and glass storefront doors

  • Windows: horizontal or vertical slide

  • Insulation and insulated panels

  • Steel framed openings

  • Gutters and downspouts

Color Schemes: Walls, Roof and Trim

Choosing the color combination you will use on your walls, roof and deluxe trim package is a great way to personalize your building. Browse through photos of some of our most popular metal building color schemes and work on choosing your combination by visiting the color choices infographic.

Assembling Your Kit

The instructions provided here are by no means comprehensive, but our kits are extremely easy to install. Many of our popular types such as garages and workshops can be assembled over a weekend with a small crew and a forklift or cherry picker.

  • Unload, Open, Organize: Most steel building kits can be unloaded from the flat bed truck using a standard forklift. Once unloaded, open all boxes and organize the parts in a logical manner.
  • Review Instructions: Carefully review the erection instructions and establish safety protocols. Both should be followed for the duration of the project.
  • Attach Columns: Using a forklift or crane, bring the columns into place and attach each column to the anchor bolts.
  • Attach Rafters to Columns: Assemble the two part rafters and using a sling lift the rafter into place with a tag line for control and a crew member on each column to guide the rafters into place.
  • Repeat: Repeat steps until all columns and rafters are installed and attached to one another.
  • Attach Wall and Roof Panels: Once the primary framing is complete, you can install the framed openings and attache the wall and roof panels to complete the kit.
Common Misconceptions

How we guide you from inception through completion of construction.

Rest assured, a steel building kit is not a square 20×20 cookie-cutter box with limited options; it’s actually quite the opposite. While a basic building is sufficient for many projects, there are a multitude of accessories designed specifically for metal buildings to customize the look and functionality of your kit.

How We Help You:

The project experts at General Steel will help you determine exactly what building you need for your application. We also take into consideration the intended application for your new building, because secondary loads – such as cranes and lifts – can change how the building is engineered.

The Design is Up to You:

At the end of the day, your steel building kit is based on your personal, customized design. Whether you are interested in upgrading to a best-in-class metal barn, or a more durable warehouse facility with 300 feet of column-free space, your building will reflect your original vision

We Are Your Resource:

Over the past several decades, we have assembled the most experienced team in the industry. Whether you decide to purchase a General Steel building, our team will do its best to guide you and help you understand why the majority of consumers end up choosing a prefab metal building over the alternatives

Your General Steel building kit will include everything you need, along with detailed erection instructions to put together the exact building you ordered.

Discover Your Perfect Metal Building Kit

Need Help? We’re Listening!.

Our metal building kits come as basic building packages that can be customized in both look and functionality. You do so by selecting various interior and exterior accessories to add to your base building package. This customization process is what takes an ordinary metal building shell and transforms it into a garage, shop or professional office space.

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Our team is standing by and ready to help you select a steel building kit. Give us a call to get in touch with one of our Project Consultants. You can also Tweet us @gensteel or message us on Facebook to get started.



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