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We agree that there is a certain satisfaction seeing your RV, travel trailer or camper sitting out in front of your home just waiting for you to embark on another weekend vacation, but what if you live in an area that doesn’t allow these recreational vehicles to be parked on the street? Or if you can park it on your property, what do you do with it when the winter months arrive or when the summer hail starts to fall? An RV garage kit may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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Warranties and Service

Brand General Steel
Available Products I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting
Add Colors Roof, Walls and Trim
I-Beam Structural Warranty 50 Years
Paint Warranty 40 Years
Galvalume Roof Warranty 25 Years
Standing Seam Roof Warranty 20 Years
Project Coordinator Included at No Additional Cost

Customizing Your RV Garage's Height, Width and Length

Working with General Steel is a collaborative process that ensures that your final product reflects your specific needs. The process starts with a two-way conversation between you and our experienced team. We want to know exactly how you will be using your RV garage, how it will fit on your property, and your ideas for interior and exterior design, among other factors. We then research the location of the RV garage to ensure that it’s equipped to withstand the wind and snow loads of your area as well as any insulation requirements.

Once we get an idea of what building kit best suits your project, we work with you to add customization options, including a wide variety of doors, windows, and exterior color schemes. The ease of steel construction allows us to modify layouts and add further customizations without breaking your budget. From design to construction, we provide the materials and expertise to transform a building kit into a beautiful and highly functioning RV building.

Reliable and Customizable RV Buildings

General Steel provides I-beam structures produced with the highest-grade steel. These structures are more reliable than light gauge structures that are produced with low-quality aluminum. I-beam framing requires minimal maintenance due to its consistency and reliability, saving you time and money.

Perhaps steel’s greatest asset its strength, but it’s also an extremely versatile building material, allowing you to build a RV garage of any shape or size. Whether you need to park a Class A, B or Class C motorhome, our RV buildings can be customized to accommodate your exact RV and even feature extra storage space around the vehicle.

Enclosed RV Garages vs Open Wall RV Carports

RV Garage Pros

  • Your RV is completely protected from the weather on all sides
  • You can use it to store other equipment, toys and cars
  • Ability to insulate and create a climate controlled space

RV Garage Cons

  • Cannot finish the walls with any other siding material
  • It takes a bit more time to finish erecting the building
  • Need to purchase a man door and sectional door for access

RV Carport Pros

  • Can finish the walls with concrete block or another siding material
  • Uninterrupted access to all sides of your RV for washing
  • With no sheeting to install, building takes less time to erect

RV Carport Cons

  • Property is exposed to blowing debris and precipitation
  • Exposure to vandalism, pests and the neighbor’s kids
  • Increased cost, building must be loaded for upward wind
How do I determine what size of garage I need?

This comes down to how you will use your RV garage. Is it intended only to protect your motorhome or will it also serve as a personal space? Our team will help you find just the right size for your needs.

How can I customize my RV building?

We provide customization options, including several choices for windows, doors, and color schemes to make your building your own.

Can an RV garage actually increase my home value?

Yes, a study at Florida State University found that the presence of a regular-sized garage increased a home’s value by approximately 13 percent when compared to similar homes with no garage.

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