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A steel building from General Steel is a versatile solution for a retail building. Every retail building requires a unique set of features, and our steel buildings offer the custom components and design flexibility to create a space all your own. Our steel retail building kits feature clear span framing, for maximizing square footage. If you’re housing several businesses or opening a business of your own, steel buildings are the modern solution for the savvy entrepreneur.

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Warranties and Service

Brand General Steel
Available Products I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting
Add Colors Roof, Walls and Trim
I-Beam Structural Warranty 50 Years
Paint Warranty 40 Years
Galvalume Roof Warranty 25 Years
Standing Seam Roof Warranty 20 Years
Project Coordinator Included at No Additional Cost

Retail Storefront Designs for Your Specific Needs

Working with General Steel is a collaborative process that ensures that your final product reflects your specific needs. The process starts with a two-way conversation between you and our experienced team. We want to know exactly how you will be using your metal retail building, how it will fit on your property, and your ideas for interior and exterior design, among other factors. We then research the location of the retail building to ensure that it’s equipped to withstand the wind and snow loads of your area as well as any insulation requirements.

Once we get an idea of what building kit best suits your project, we work with you to add customization options, including a wide variety of doors, windows, and exterior color schemes. The ease of steel construction allows us to modify layouts and add further customizations without breaking your budget. From design to construction, we provide the materials and expertise to transform a building kit into an attractive and highly functional steel retail building.

Versatile and Durable

Steel is renowned for its strength, but one of the primary benefits of purchasing a steel building for your retail building is its versatility. Our building kits are designed according to use, which means we are able to modify floor layouts as well as include customization options that reflect precisely how your space will be used.

One of the primary benefits of a steel building for retail spaces is the column-free space that comes with our clear span buildings. With up to 300 feet of uninterrupted space, you can design your floor layout to maximize sales and process efficiency without losing the strength and durability to protect your assets. Steel buildings can also be easily expanded if needed in the future.

Metal Retail Buildings vs Traditional Retail Buildings

Steel Retail Building Pros

  • Design flexibility allows for future expansion
  • Simple bolt-together construction saves time and money
  • 50-year structural warranty no matter the location or size of building

Steel Retail Building Cons

  • Unique roof elevations can be cost prohibitive
  • Being a commodity, steel prices can fluctuate dramatically
  • Will need to add components to avoid box look

Wood Retail Building Pros

  • Building materials less influenced by commodity price swings
  • Cheaper upfront costs
  • Easiest building system to insulate

Wood Retail Building Cons

  • Interior columns don’t allow for flexibility in design
  • Expensive labor costs during construction
  • Vulnerable to fire damage and lost inventory = higher insurance
How much does it cost to build a retail building?

The cost of a retail building depends on a few factors; first, the size of the building package. Larger structures cost more but are cheaper when considering cost per square foot. Second, building prices are determined by design, including the custom features that you select for your prefabricated retail building. Lastly, the price of steel at any time can fluctuate based on market performance. These factors combine to set your final price.

Why is a prefabricated building the best choice for a retail building?

A prefabricated building provides the best value due to its design versatility, strength, durability, and efficient construction. A retail building requires a high degree of customization, and a preengineered building kit from General Steel provides the functional and aesthetic components that make your facility a long-term solution.

Should I buy or rent a retail building?

If your goal is to create long-term value, buying is most often your best option when it comes to a commercial building.

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