Bion Crossfit by General Steel

Gym Design Details

Teaming with two investors whom he trained, Faber set out to build a fitness center that could accommodate his vision. After a year and a half, he finally found the right location for his gym. Working with General Steel, Faber started to see his vision come to life.

Crossfit Gym Design Details

Faber’s design vision wasn’t limited to the building itself. The property features a running track around the perimeter of the facility as well as a turf field for sled exercises.

Building Details

The Bion building design showcases how metal buildings have evolved from industrial spaces to fully customizable buildings.

Size 70' x 80' x 22' 6"
Roof Pitch .25:12
Location Tuscon, AZ
Walls Stucco Panels and GenStone
Roof Color Polar White
Trim Color Dark Bronze
Project Consultant Ken King
Project Coordinator Bill Burnham

Design Build with General Steel

Before breaking ground, Faber carefully researched the location and building types, working with his Project Consultant and Bill Burnham, his Project Coordinator General Steel. They provided Faber with the pre construction package, including 3D renderings, floor plans, and an AIA-certified cost analysis that informed his decision. In the end, a 70x80x22 building from General Steel was his ideal option.

Crossfit Design Build by General Steel

Many entrepreneurs start with a pre construction package from General Steel because it provides visuals necessary for raising capital in addition to a cost analysis useful in securing financing.

Turf Area for Sled Exercises
Bion utilized sectional doors that are a common component in metal garage buildings to provide uninterrupted access between the inside of the building and the turf outside as well as important ventilation during hot Arizona days.
Maximizing the Building and the Property

The final result is a beautiful gym facility that features 6,800 square feet of usable space, including a 75-yard outdoor field and private running trail. Faber needed a building that could be customized to fit the needs of his clientele, and General Steel’s clear span framing fit the bill – allowing for a column-free interior that allows him to maximize his space.

GenStone Siding Inside Bion Building

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