The First Bourbon Distillery Buildings West

Kirby, Wyoming, is a small town. A really small town. Its population of fewer than 100 people lives on just .15 square miles of land. But in that small town sits a whiskey distillery building that has earned a national reputation. The appropriately named Wyoming Whiskey distillery sits on a family-owned ranch that dates back to the 19th century. Launched in 2012, the Wyoming Whiskey distillery was the first bourbon distillery west of the Mississippi. Brad Mead, the owner of the ranch, wanted Wyoming Whiskey to be more authentic than the typical craft distilleries that were becoming more popular by the day.

38' Tall Whiskey Distillery Still

How Wyoming Whiskey Closed the Gap

The success of the distillery is due, in part, to the facility that Wyoming Whiskey built in 2012. Wyoming Whiskey recognized it could close the gap on large-scale operations by investing in a steel facility that provided space comparable to its longer-established competitors. While Wyoming Whiskey doesn’t have the resources of the corporate whiskey heavyweights, it was able to make an impression because of the affordability of a steel building. Materials for a metal building are much less expensive than a traditional wood-framed facility, giving a new or expanding business the flexibility needed to grow and succeed. Wyoming Whiskey’s decision to build a prefab metal building was also predicated on the ease of maintenance associated with the efficient structures.

Wyoming Whiskey Buildings by General Steel

Photo courtesy of skimag.com

Building #1

Size 50 x 80 x 14
Roof Pitch 1:12
Wall Color Sandstone
Roof Color Classic Green
Trim Color Classic Green

Building #2

Size 35 x 35 x 51
Roof Pitch 6:12
Wall Color Sandstone
Roof Color Classic Green
Trim Color Classic Green
Distillery in a Steel Building
Your Business, Your Building, Your Way

Wyoming Whiskey saw an opportunity to start the first bourbon distillery west of the Mississippi, and as the company grew, it knew it had to react quickly and capitalize on its momentum. By 2012, Wyoming Whiskey was able to expand its operation with the construction of a steel building kit. The facility has not only given them the opportunity to produce more whiskey, but also to build an experience around their brand, making bourbon “the Wyoming Way.”

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