Enduring North Carolina's Harshest Weather

Johnny bought his 30×50 General Steel building in 2012 for his 100-acre farm in Hoboken, North Carolina. Johnny, is a self-described “hobby farmer” who is retired but carries on his family lineage by tending to their land.

30x50 Metal Garage Package

Withstanding Hurricane Force Winds

General Steel’s whirlwind building that famously survived Hurricane Katrina has become a popular story among steel building shoppers. Correspondingly, we were pleased but not surprised to hear that Johnny’s building has endured not one but two hurricanes since 2012!

Crimson Red and Snow White Garage Package

Building Details

Size 30 x 50 x 16
Roof Pitch 1:12
Location Hoboken, NC
Wall Color Crimson Red
Roof Color Galvalume
Trim Color Snow White
Combine and Grain Truck in Metal Garage
Our Team Ensures Your Project is Successful

This red 30×50 metal building has always been one of our team’s favorite projects. It may seem simple from the looks of it in the photo, but our team understood from the beginning that this was a significant project for Johnny and his family. It’s safe to say Johnny thought his General Steel building was a great addition to his farm from the start. Here’s what he had to say shortly after erecting the building:

3070 Man Door Entrance to the Garage

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