Cost of Building a Home by Size

Learn why a metal home may cost less than you think.

Steel has long been considered one of the most reliable building materials on the planet. From towering skyscrapers to personal workshops, steel buildings have been erected because of their strength and durability. So it’s surprising that until recently, this popular building material has been an afterthought when it comes to building a house. All of that is changing, however, as homebuyers recognize the versatility of steel houses. Let’s take a closer look at why steel could be the best choice for your new home, as well as home construction costs you’ll want to consider.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House?

What lies between a building package and a fully finished house

Our building packages can be customized in both look and functionality. Components such as doors and windows are pre-punched at the factory for easy installation and insulation can be added to the building shell during the course of construction easier than a traditionally framed home. In fact, insulated panels come with stucco on the exterior standard, cutting down on another potentially costly home building expense.

So what’s left to account for? When it comes to metal building homes there are a handful of expenses that bridge the gap between a General Steel building package and a fully finished house. Fortunately, you have ultimate control over these variable costs and your home could end up costing more or less than our example 1,500 square foot home below.

If you reference the Zillow Article outlining how much it costs to build a traditional wood framed home, you will immediately notice one glaring discrepancy. Zillow accounts for approximately $43,000 of exterior finishing costs that we do not in our metal house example.

  • Exterior Finishes: Everything from windows and doors to finishing exterior walls with paint or siding, including weatherproof and cosmetic finish for the roof is estimated at $43,447.

The good news is, all of the exterior finishes outlined in the Zillow editorial are included with your metal building package. You can even choose to upgrade to a standing seam roof and create your own color scheme for added aesthetics.

Advantages of Metal Homes Over Stick Built

Why the popularity of steel homes is rising.

  • Design Versatility: Metal buildings can be custom-designed without the cost of a professional architect. Homeowners can also more easily modify and expand their design in the future.
  • Durability: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using steel is its strength and reliability as a material. Steel structures are consistent and provide a significantly greater strength-to-weight ratio than wood.
  • Maintenance: Owning a home can be a time-consuming and expensive job. Steel is a time- and cost-effective solution, minimizing structural issues and pest damage that can wreak havoc on a wood structure.
  • Lower Insurance Costs: Insurance is often cheaper for steel homes because they are fire-resistant and more capable of handling extreme weather. This makes steel homes a popular choice in locales that commonly experience tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding.
  • Warranty: General Steel offers a 50-year structural warranty, 40-year paint warranty and a 25-year galvalume roof warranty on steel homes. These warranties are not common when building a new home from traditional materials.

Find more information on the benefits of metal building homes versus traditional homes.

Home Floor Plans and Prices

The interior of your building is a blank canvas.

Here are a few of our most popular building sizes for homes. While these are our most popular dimensions, General Steel is capable of providing a steel home based on your specific needs. These specifications include unique floor plans, home use and structural considerations such as wind load, snow load and seismic activity.

35x50 Metal Home Plans

35×50 Home

Three bedrooms, open concept

A 35×50 steel building is a great fit for a traditional home design. With the help of the General Steel design team, this basic package can quickly become the home you’ve always imagined. Change the room mix, add doors, windows and a color scheme that suit your personal taste and vision. Increase the roof pitch for a dramatically different aesthetic, enhancing the look and feel of a traditional home.

Level 1

30x50 Home Floor Plans - First Level

Level 2

30x50 Home Floor Plans - Second Level

30x50x24 Home

First floor garage, second floor living quarters.

The 30x50x24 building package provides an excellent frame for a more contemporary home design. Many homebuyers underestimate the potential of steel buildings to reflect the style and structure of a modern home. But with a variety of exterior finishes, building components and color schemes, this building package combines modern design with advanced engineering. That all adds up to an attractive home that can be relied on to hold up no matter your location.

It’s important to consider your options when you explore building a two-story metal home like this one. While a steel mezzanine is an option to support the second level, you may find it more economical to frame the second floor more out of wood. This will allow you to take advantage of all of the benefits a metal home provides in terms of durability, exterior cost savings and warranties while stretching your budget further on the inside the house.

25x62 Home Floor Plans

25×62 Home

How to include a garage in your home floor plan.

A 25×62 steel building provides a unique framework for building an impressive home without excessive home construction costs. Work with our design professionals to find the right building components for your new home; we offer a wide selection of windows, doors and exterior finishes, so you won’t have to sacrifice a sleek design.

Other Home Cost Considerations

Where and when you will build your home.

While we did account for a miscellaneous cost category in our example above, there are a couple of other costs we need to explore.

  • Timing: As with any construction project, the timing can be the difference between an increase in costs and staying on budget. When it comes to steel, this is especially true. Being a commodity, steel prices can be volatile and keeping an eye on the current price of steel so that you lock your price at the best time can save you thousands.
  • Lot Cost: Selecting a lot with utilities already running to it can certainly save you money on this line item. Either way, you will need to learn how to buy land at the right price, in the location you prefer and in agreement with the local municipality requirements.

Finding the Right Piece of Land

For more assistance ironing out the land details, try our map app below to see what size metal home will fit on your property or a parcel of land you have your eye on.

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