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metal building homesThe Rise of Metal Building Homes

While modular homes and housing developments may be great options for some homebuyers, metal building homes are growing in popularity across the nation due to many benefits including cost savings, durability and the ability to custom design steel houses without a costly architect. For younger homeowners seeking to save money while still making a longstanding investment in their property, metal houses may be the most logical option.

Pros and Cons of Metal Houses

Explore this quick list of why or why you may not want use one of our metal buildings as a home and then we will further investigate the benefits of metal building homes.

Pros: Steel Homes

  • Engineered specifically for your location and climate conditions
  • Metal is a non-combustible material which results in lower insurance costs
  • End walls are simple to expand in the future for more SQFT

Cons: Steel Homes

  • Additional investment if you don’t want metal sheeting on walls
  • Can be more difficult to gain an approval through an HOA board or building department
  • Metal roofs may not be the look you want

Pros: Traditional Homes

  • If you hire an engineer the house can be designed for your locale
  • Wood built homes can be easier to get approved by local municipalities
  • Also easy to expand square footage in the future

Cons: Traditional Homes

  • Wood is not as durable and can be susceptible to pests and fire
  • Increased cost for architect and engineer in order to custom design
  • A structural components, sheeting, roof and paint are not warrantied

As you can see, with just a quick consideration, the benefits of building your home out of steel outweigh the benefits of traditional wood construction. Lets take a more in depth tour of why so many people are now considering metal when it comes to home ownership.

Short and Long Term Affordability of Metal Houses

The costs involved in hiring an architect and engineer are the primary reasons why more people don’t design and build their own homes. In turn, rather than personally planning out the footprint of their home, new homeowners settle for choosing from one of three countertop choices and door hardware.

Modern metal home design

Immediate Savings

When you choose to build a metal home, you save a tremendous amount of money from the start because the engineering is built into the price of the materials.

Then as you continue down the process of procuring materials, you also save time and money when you choose steel over wood.

Savings Over Time

You also need to consider the long term carrying costs involved in homeownership. Maintaining wood siding, asphalt shingle roofs and paint can be taxing on your personal time and drain your wallet as well. When you decide a to build with steel you will save long term because a metal building costs less because of the warranties you receive along with yearly insurance savings.

Metal Building Warranties

General Steel building warranties include an industry leading 50 year structural warranty, 40 year paint warranty and 20 year standing seam roof warranty. You would be hard-pressed to find similar guarantees if you decided to purchase or build a new home made out of traditional building materials.

Insurance for Steel Buildings

Insurance generally costs less for metal buildings than it costs to insure a traditional home. This is because metal is a non-combustible material, meaning it can withstand fire leading to lower insurance costs. Not to mention, steel buildings are known for withstanding some of the most powerful storms including the wind forces unleashed by Hurricane Katrina.

    General Steel vs Hurricane Katrina
    Video Testimonial
    General Steel buildings are custom designed, feature the highest quality materials available and are stamped by an Engineer to meet or exceed your local codes. This level of diligence by our team is why our buildings withstand the strongest storms including historical hurricanes.

Custom Designing Your Metal Home

Steel building homes can be fully customized, loaded, and designed according to the preferences of the homeowner. With traditional wood housing developments and modular homes, you have less room for personalization, as the design is mostly up to the developer or architect. Steel houses, on the other hand, allow you to control the dimensions, placement, and features of each room in your home and the best part is, metal homes can be designed to look like a traditional home.

Home Designs by General Steel

  • Steel home design
    Brick Home Design
  • steel home design
    Random Rock Home Design
  • steel home design with brick
    Metal Home Design with Brick
  • steel buildings homes design
    Steel Building Home Design
  • metal homes design
    Metal Home
  • metal buildings for homes design
    Steel Home with High Pitch Roof
  • florida style metal home design
    Florida Style Metal Home Design
  • backyard of florida style metal home
    Backyard Florida Style Metal Home

For homeowners that would like ownership of the layout and design, pre-engineered steel is a perfect construction method. Rooms can be situated to fit your ideal layout, giving you total control and providing a truly immersive home to suit your family.

Customizing the Layout

As you can see in the example floor plans below, you can start with any ordinary metal building footprint, even a size found on our steel building specials page and place your rooms exactly how you like.

  • Steel Building Houses
    5 Bedroom Home
    55' x 71'
    This floor plan features a large master suite and open floor plan around 4 other bedrooms.
  • Metal Building Houses
    3 Bedroom Home
    40' x 60'
    This building size is our most popular and provides enough room for 3 ample bedrooms, an office and living area.
  • Metal Home Floor Plan Second Level
    Level 2 - Metal Home
    85' x 60'
    The second level of this metal house is designed to accommodate 5 bedrooms and bathrooms. The bathrooms were placed back to back when possible to save on costs.
  • Metal Home Floor Plan First Level
    Level 1 - Metal Home
    85' x 60'
    This floor plan is designed for two levels and provides more than enough space for any combination of rooms.
Customizing the Interior and Exterior

Metal homes can be fully customized with metal building components just like a more traditional home. They come in a variety of colors, styles and basic layouts. From there, the sky’s the limit. General Steel will work with you to get the best use of the space, ensuring your home is where your heart is.

Inside: Insulation

Insulation for metal houses

Exterior: Windows

Windows for steel houses

Planning Your Project

Hunting lodge building with horizontal slide windowsDetermining what size building you need in order to accommodate the rooms you want is one of the most important steps in designing your new home. While you’re dreaming up the perfect house, you must consider the size of the lot you plan to build on and what the setbacks are for the site.

You can find out what the setbacks are by visiting your local building department and start deciding what size building fits on your property by using our one of a kind map tool below. Simply type in your address, click zoom and then place your building after entering the size.

Note: This app works best on a desktop or tablet device

Consider Your Long Term Building Plans

As you plan your home on your property, it’s a good idea to consider your future building plans. If you plan to expand your home in the future, it’s most cost efficient to expand your building wider than it is to add to the length. You may also want to consider adding one of our detached metal garages, which can increase your home value as much as 13%.

Benefits of Prefab Metal Houses

Lets recap why so many future homeowners are turning to prefab metal buildings for their residence.

  • Fully customizable, built-to-suit
  • Easily add a garage, rooms or second floor
  • Can be painted or colored as you see fit
  • Layout your home exactly how you want it
  • Non-flammable, making your home safer
  • Erected quicker than a standard home
  • Take advantage of large open spaces
  • Numerous exterior customizations available

Metal building homes are the future of affordable, reliable, and customizable residencies. Whether you’re buying your first home, investing in a vacation property, or looking for a flexible home for your growing family, metal homes can offer you everything you need for your next space.

Consumers have searched for alternatives to traditional construction over the past several decades, and homebuyers are no exception. Steel has evolved into a desirable residential space not only due to affordability, but also due to ease of expansion and lower insurance costs.

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