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Steel Structure Framing

Well, let’s take a look at some things you may have overlooked:

Primary Framing for Steel Construction

Primary Framing

Primary Steel Framing

The primary framing is sort of like the backbone of your steel building. This is where economy buildings show their true colors down the road, but we’ll get back to that later.

Secondary Framing for Steel Construction

Secondary Framing

Secondary Framing

The secondary framing includes things like girts, purlins and eave struts. These may seem like minor details but they reinforce the backbone of the building. These commonly overlooked “secondary” details are easy place for inferior materials to hide and a easy area for companies to cut costs.

In Terms of Steel Construction, What Gauge is Best?

Finally, you may have a quote that says the walls panels are 29 gauge steel, sounds stronger than 26 and it’s just a wall panel right? It’s actually just the opposite, 26 is stronger than 29 and if you happen to lose a wall panel during a storm your “steel building” will turn into a really expensive tumbleweed.

Steel Structures Should Be Durable

Speaking of storms, will your lower cost economy building’s primary framing hold up if you live in tornado alley, a hurricane zone or even a area with heavy snow? The fact is, even an average thunder storm can cause damage.

Ask these building owners if they’re happy their building supplier took a few shortcuts.

Steel Structure Damage
Damage to Steel Construction
Damage to Steel Constuction
Metal Construction After Storm
Steel Construction After Storm
Steel Structures Should Be Durable
Destroyed Steel Structure
Ruined Metal Construction

Not to mention seismic active regions and recent storms like Hurricane Katrina, Sandy and the tornadoes that have been ripping through the Midwest lately.

Choose the Best in Metal Building Construction

There’s only one General Steel and thousands of families and companies like GE, Disney, NASA and Boeing have trusted The General to protect their investments for over two decades. Even The White House has used General Steel not once but twice!

General Steel Metal Buildings

This is because the General Steel brand stands for quality and with the proper attention to codes and loads upfront, your building has been designed to last for generations.

Build with peace of mind, because after the contractor is done and gone, your building is protecting your valuables, your business, or maybe families and children of your community. Don’t cut corners on the building that could be your legacy.

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