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Metal Building Warehouses: An Economical Investment

Steel Warehouse Buildings are Efficient Spaces

As a professional in the warehousing industry you serve as the vital link between manufacturers and their customers. At General Steel we understand that businesses like yours pick up, transport, store, and deliver a variety of goods which requires an efficient space. Therefore, when you are looking to invest in new or additional warehouse space, the versatility of the building is paramount in order to compliment your operation. If you are looking to expand your operation or even if you are new to the warehousing industry, a custom pre-engineered steel warehouse building from General Steel is versatile and can accommodate all of your needs in a new facility. Prefabricated steel buildings offer several unique advantages over other construction methods. A steel warehouse building offers internal clearspan widths of up to 300 feet: in warehousing, this feature alone means you have more internal space to use for storing products and less waste from supporting columns and load-bearing walls.

Steel Building Warehouses are Economical Investments

General Steel is a worldwide industry leader in providing steel warehouse facilities. General Steel offers uncompromising quality and service, and our steel buildings offer considerable cost-savings advantages when compared to conventional wood, stone, or other conventional construction materials.

The cost to build a warehouse can be considerable, and your choice of construction method will greatly affect your budget. The General’s steel buildings help reduce the lengthy, complicated and costly projects that more traditional construction methods demand. A steel building from General Steel is engineered to go up quickly, and with low start-up expenses. Your warehouse will be complete and in business in a fraction of the time of a traditional structure. More and more warehousing businesses turn to the convenience and economy of pre-engineered metal buildings from General Steel.

General Steel Warehouse Buildings

General Steel can offer your business other advantages that help support the growth and profitability of your facility. When you invest in a building from General Steel your inventory is protected by the highest quality steel building materials available. General Steel buildings are incredibly durable and resistant against the elements and pests like termites, making them virtually maintenance free. A metal warehouse saves you money in the long term on costly repairs and maintenance.

General Steel Buildings: A Perfect Warehouse Solution

General Steel understands that your storage needs can be complex, and the space you need for warehousing and the management of your inventories may be highly specialized. General Steel metal buildings are the perfect solution for even the most sophisticated warehouse infrastructures. General Steel buildings are fully customizable and prefabricated to provide efficient, flexible, and expandable environments. General Steel also offers a complete range of specifically designed component parts which help make your new warehouse function and flow with the needs of your operation.

Other Advantages of Our Metal Buildings

Our buildings are engineered to provide column-free clear span interiors as wide as 300 feet allowing for obstruction-free movement within the building. Take a moment to review additional advantages of choosing a General Steel building.

A Brand That You Can Trust

Building a new warehouse facility is a serious decision, whether you are warehousing your own inventory or are in the warehousing business.  It is likely that your company will use this facility for many years. At General Steel we take great pride in our reputation as one of the most recognized names in the industry for pre-engineered steel warehouse buildings.  If you want a high-quality building from a company that you can trust, look no further than a General Steel brand building for all your warehousing needs.

Industrial Buildings and Warehouses

With a boom in e-commerce logistics, the United States and the world need industrial space now more than ever. General Steel is a leader in the warehousing steel building industry. If you’re looking to expand your warehousing business or begin a new business venture as an entrepreneur in this exciting market segment, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than General Steel to provide the finest steel warehousing available and at a economical price that will help your business expand or start off on the right foot.

Consider these Unique Steel Warehouse Advantages

General Steel Brand Advantages


General Steel warehouses are fabricated from high-grade steel and can accommodate clear-spans up to 300 feet wide, an accomplishment very difficult to achieve on a cost effective basis with most other building materials and methods. General Steel warehouse buildings require no interior columns or load-bearing walls, giving you greater flexibility on the design and layout of your facility and more room for storing goods.


General Steel warehouses are made with high quality steel that is non-combustible. General Steel buildings are engineer certified and fabricated to meet or exceed you local building codes to withstand the weather elements specific to your location.


General Steel buildings are pre-engineered to allow for faster erection and completion than other more conventional construction methods and materials.


Using a steel building for your warehouse from General Steel can save your company time and money when compared to the conventional construction of similar sizes structures. When you take into account the long-term costs of maintenance and repair, a steel building from General Steel can save you even more money because our buildings are engineered to be resistant to the elements and material erosion.


By selecting a bargain-priced steel supplier for your building you may be sacrificing steel quality. General Steel uses only high grade steel and premium components in all of our buildings.

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