Flexible Strip-Mall Buildings

Finding a suitable structure for your strip mall space can be a daunting task. Strip malls have become a very popular endeavor on the economic landscape because they offer multiple sources of cash flow and can serve a variety of needs. Investors and owners are faced with many options and challenges when considering whether to build a new or to expand a current strip-mall facility. With a General Steel building you can find the structural solution you need and all of the options you require. Our products can overcome almost any of the space and construction challenges you face.

Affordable Customization

One of the challenges of building and managing strip malls is to find appropriate and quality retail tenants. A steel building from General Steel will offer your clients a variety of configurations and layout options. Exterior add-ons are also offered that will make your mall not only beneficial to attracting businesses but eye-catching and appealing to more retail customers. You can do this all at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction. Start up costs are low and construction is fast with a new steel building from General Steel. Your retail tenants can set up and be in business quickly and more importantly you can start earning a return on your investment.

Quality of General Steel Buildings

General Steel uses only high quality materials and all of our buildings can be customized to meet many configurations. A steel strip mall building from General Steel is ready to grow as your businesses grow, and your buildings may be easily and efficiently expanded to suit your changing needs for more tenants or larger stores.

General Steel is a leader in the steel building industry for many reasons, the most important of which is consistently satisfying customers. The experienced staff at General Steel is trained to offer you superior customer service, helping you make the most of your real estate investment.

Appearance and Efficiency

The outward appearance of your new strip mall is a primary concern. The façade must attract customers and fit aesthetically into the community you serve. General Steel offers enhancements such as decorative brick, stone, or stucco which contribute to promoting a bright, clean, and appealing storefront.

You can attract a variety of businesses and customers with our buildings. Our steel strip malls are designed to accommodate the specialized needs of the businesses that will be utilizing your building. General Steel can provide expansive, open units suitable for large, prominent businesses such as supermarkets or a highly detailed space to accommodate an auto repair shop. General Steel can design a high quality strip mall building to suit any needs.

Advantages with the General

The popularity of steel strip malls has continued to increase while at the same time General Steel has grown to become one of the leading brands of pre-engineered steel buildings. Our buildings offer you specific advantages including our 40 year paint warranty and industry leading 50 year structural warranty. Take a moment to review the advantages of a steel building provided by General Steel, and then give us a call. An experienced, helpful General Steel representative will listen to your needs and help you design the retail space best suited to your plans and budget.

Advantages of Steel Strip-Malls

General Steel takes great pride in its reputation as one of the best known names in high quality strip-malls. Many satisfied customers have made us a leading supplier of steel strip-malls in North America. If you want a high quality building from a company you can trust, look no further than General Steel.

Why Use a Metal Building for a Strip-Mall?

The race for tenants is highly dependent on the speed a strip-mall development can be constructed and there is no other construction method like a steel building that can provide quick erection and quality construction. If you are a strip-mall developer looking to expand your portfolio, review the advantages your project will benefit from when you choose the General and when you’re ready, contact General Steel to have one of our strip mall development design experts get your project started in the right direction.

Unique Strip-Mall Building Advantages

General Steel Brand Advantages


General Steel structures are noncombustible. Since they are composed entirely of steel they are far more resistant to fire than a more traditionally constructed wood building. This means additional safety the tenants’ wares, merchandise and show space. This feature can also provide you with lower insurance costs. General Steel buildings are also designed to be unaffected by water damage including mold and mildew as well as damage caused by insects such as termites that are detrimental to wood buildings. The durability of our buildings will offer you more structural longevity and significantly reduced maintenance activities compared to the alternative methods of construction. Your steel strip mall building will be designed to stand strong against the weather elements specific to your area.


Choosing a steel building for a strip mall does not mean a sacrifice in overall appearance and style. General Steel buildings are flexible enough to be enhanced with numerous types of premium components and custom options, such as brick, rock, or stucco paneling. Your strip mall can be more eye-appealing, compliment the appearance of surrounding structures, and satisfy your local zoning standards.


General Steel buildings are welded, drilled, and punched prior to leaving the factory while also being engineered for fast construction allowing you to pursue tenants immediately. When you choose a steel building from the General for your project construction will be completed quickly allowing for faster occupancy for your tenants and rental earnings for you.


The General supplies the highest quality American-made steel that results in sturdy i-beams, reliable connections, and the highest durability available. Our buildings are designed to be around for generations and be worry free in terms of maintenance.