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  • Commercial metal buildings can be designed to serve a multitude of business purposes

It’s the time of year to make your New Year’s resolution and most people aren’t thinking too far past the first of the year, but now is also the time of year to consider entrepreneurial opportunities for the upcoming year. Lets take a look at the top entrepreneurial opportunities for 2015 and how you can start your own business with a metal building during the next 12 months.

If you search the internet for a couple of minutes you will find hundreds of articles recommending the type of business you should start in 2015 and as you will see below there’s some great ideas, but have you considered what you will need to get your business up and running? We have examined the top opportunities and we’re excited to show you how our steel buildings are the perfect starting point for many upcoming opportunities in 2015.

Top Businesses You Can Start with Steel Buildings

Culinary and Beverage

A steel building offers a perfect space for breweries and restaurants

You don’t need to be a world renowned chef to start a food business, there are thousands of independent local salsa, sauce and beer products being carried on the shelves of major retailers. If you haven’t considered heading into the microbrewery industry, check out how successful local breweries have been over the past several years.

Auto Detailing

Metal garage building with a leanto is perfect for auto detailing

The barriers to entry are extremely low for this type of business and if you’re an auto enthusiast, you’ll never work another day in your life! Take a look at how metal garage buildings with a simple roll-up door and leanto for a wash bay could be a perfect solution for your detailing business.


An open wall metal building is a great solution for landscaping material storage

A landscaping business can be as simple as mowing lawns or tending to grounds. However, if you’re planning on storing any equipment or landscaping materials such as sod or even mulch, a steel building with one open end wall is a great economical storage application to keep materials and equipment out of the elements.

Party Services

A simple storage building built with steel provides adequate storage for assets

Years ago bounce houses and inflatable jungle gyms were primarily found inside of large buildings where patrons rented rooms and paid to play. Today, churches, schools, organizations and private individuals are renting inflatable party applications to be delivered to their location. A steel building is perfect for storing these when not in use.

Doggy Daycare and Parks

This metal building was designed to be an indoor dog park and daycare center

More and more individuals are looking for ways to exercise their pets and have them taken care of while they are at work or on vacation. If you live in a climate with cold winters or even hot summers, a steel building can be designed to provide an expansive and high quality indoor dog park daycare center.

Internet Sales

Warehouse buildings constructed with metal provide expansive column free interiors for storage

As we reported in an article about how e-commerce growth is driving an increase in warehouse services, selling goods on websites is expanding every year and entrepreneurs are quickly starting their own websites to grab some market share. If you’re thinking about starting a business selling goods from a website, there’s no need to pay a warehousing service if you can build a metal building to store your wares.

Fitness Centers

Steel buildings are often designed to be fitness centers because of the interior space they provide

At first it may seem like this market is saturated but Anytime Fitness was ranked as the #2 franchise opportunity in America this year. This trend is expected to continue and metal buildings are often sourced to be public fitness centers. If you’re thinking about opening a fitness center in 2015, check out our fitness center designs and we’ll show you how easy it is to open your own gym.

Youth Sports Centers and Merchandise Sales

Youth sports is a growing market and metal buildings are a great solution for sporting events

The youth sports and events market has been increasing throughout the United States which is also driving more sports merchandise sales. Learn why opening a sports related business could be the right opportunity for you and how our metal buildings can supply the space necessary for sporting events and even merchandise sales.