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We agree that there is a certain satisfaction seeing your RV, travel trailer or camper sitting out in front of your home just waiting for you to embark on another weekend vacation, but what if you live in an area that doesn’t allow these recreational vehicles to be parked on the street? Or if you can park it on your property, what do you do with it when the winter months arrive or when the summer hail starts to fall? An RV garage kit may be exactly what you’re looking for.

You may have noticed some carport kits at your local public storage facility that look like a good place to park your RV; however, doing so may leave it exposed to vandalism, hail, wind debris, and other damaging weather conditions. While popular, open wall structures may not be your best option when compared against a more traditional metal RV storage building with 26-gauge sheeting.

Pros: Open Walls

  • Can finish the walls with concrete block or another siding material

  • Uninterrupted access to all sides of your RV for washing

  • With no sheeting to install, building takes less time to erect

Cons: Open Walls

  • Property is exposed to blowing debris and precipitation

  • Exposure to vandalism, pests and the neighbor’s kids

  • Increased cost, building must be loaded for upward wind

Pros: Enclosed Building

  • Your RV is completely protected from the weather on all sides

  • You can use it to store other equipment, toys and cars

  • Ability to insulate and create a climate controlled space

Cons: Enclosed Building

  • Cannot finish the walls with any other siding material

  • It takes a bit more time to finish erecting the building

Expert Advice: Open wall buildings typically cost about the same as enclosed metal RV storage buildings, which will better safeguard your RV’s roof and air conditioner instead of leaving your RV exposed to the elements.

Investing in an Enclosed Metal RV Storage Building

If you don’t have a specific reason to choose an open wall RV storage carport, the safest and most durable option to protect your RV is by investing in an enclosed steel RV storage building. Not only will an RV garage securely house your vehicle, but adding a garage space to your property can increase your property’s value by as much as 13%. This can be easily accomplished with a metal building in the form of a leanto or more traditional garage space.

How to Determine What Size Building You Need

The size of your RV garage is flexible depending on the size and class of your motorhome. Typically, an RV garage is 16’ tall to accommodate 14’ doors, and can be 30 to 50 feet in length (the most common building dimensions for a Class A RV is 30×50 feet). Including extra width in your garage space is a great option for storing gear, tools, and other necessities for your vehicle.

RV and Metal Building Kit Size Guidelines

Customize Your RV Garage with Metal Building Components

Other options for your RV garage kit are to add roll-up doors or sectional doors, depending on your space limitations and preferences. You can also choose to add windows, walk-doors, and insulation to prevent condensation.

Expert Insight: If you need to make a little room in your budget, you can pour concrete piers rather than a full slab and finish the floor with gravel. This would allow you to get more building for your money initially and then complete the slab later.

Featured RV Project

The steel RV storage building featured below has the capability to store not only an RV, but also cars and other toys, making it a multifunctional investment. This RV garage kit has been one of General Steel’s most popular projects among RV enthusiasts and those looking for additional storage space while still maintaining great curb appeal:

Featured Steel RV Storage Building
Featured RV Storage Kit

The biggest considerations to buying a new RV storage building are budget, zoning and how much space you really need. As camping season approaches, our project specialists are ready to help you break ground before weather becomes a constraint in your area. Contact General Steel today and we’ll be happy to assist in evaluating your potential project.

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