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Need Space? You Need the General!

An auto shop’s layout, functionality and open space can make or break an auto repair business. Most auto shops start out small and build out and on the shop space they’ve already rented or expand on the auto shop they built from the ground up. Traditional construction and remodeling is expensive and costly. A steel building auto shop can be the quickest way to get your additional shop space or new auto shop business up and running while saving you money and giving you the option to expand in the future.

Metal buildings have become popular across the United States for auto shops looking to get more space and functionality for their business. These auto shops can be customized just like any traditional construction method, offering you the option to place doors, windows, clear spans, work bays and more. If you’re looking to build a new auto shop or expand your business with a steel building, you’ll be able to walk you through the shop design process with a General Steel representative so we can work with you to ensure the best possible design for your space.

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Customized Auto Shop Solutions

Did you know that the auto repair and detailing industry is a $257 Billion market and the average person owns their car for 63 months?

A steel building auto shop can give you the freedom to design the shop of your dreams instead of spending time cramming cars, equipment and repairmen into a tiny shop. By designing an auto shop with steel, you’re not only investing in your business right now, you’re investing in work down the line. Since pre-engineered steel buildings are much easier to modify and expand, your auto shop can expand and grow as your business does, which saves you time and money figuring out how to expand on the fly.

Steel can be fully customized, so your auto shop can have a distinct look that stands out from the competition. Whether you want to add stone, rock, glass or other elements, General Steel will work with you to brand your business the way you want. With traditional construction methods, you’re usually stuck with a cookie cutter shop that doesn’t necessarily reflect how you do business. With a steel auto shop, you can get exactly what you need from day one, which will not only benefit you but your customers that depend on you to repair their cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Benefits of a General Steel Auto Shop Building

If you’re looking to expand your auto shop business or start a new auto repair business, looking into a steel auto shop is the way to go. Steel offers you efficiency in design, can be quickly erected and customized to help you and your team provide your customers the best service possible.

  • Custom, flexible design gives you the layout you need
  • Can quickly be erected, meaning you are open for business sooner
  • Expand as you need in the future, your shop grows as your business grows
  • Auto bays, custom doors and windows can be installed
  • Fast, speedy delivery
  • Easy maintenance so you can focus on your customers
  • Accommodates a variety of heights
  • Functional design with options for color, trim and more

Warranties and Service


General Steel

Available Products

C-Channel Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting, I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting

I-Beam Structural Warranty

50 Years

Add Colors

Roof, Trim, Walls

Paint Warranty

40 Years

Galvalume Roof Warranty

25 Years

Standing Seam Roof Warranty

20 Years

Project Coordinator

Included At No Additional Cost


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