Steel Buildings in Cold Climates

As the winter months approach across the northern hemisphere, it’s time to get ready for heavy snow loads and high winds. Snowfall combined with frequent days of high winds and potential for dangerous blizzards makes it important to know the ins and outs of constructing a steel building in cold climates.

Steel Building Engineered for Snow

Did You Know?

A building with a 1:12 roof pitch is considerably cheaper than higher roof pitches such as a 6:12, and the 1:12 pitched roof can be engineered to withstand the weight of your local snow loads.

Roof Pitch on Steel Building
Be Weary of Underloaded Buildings

One common way to cut costs in the metal building industry is to under-load a building destined for a windy or snow climate. Unfortunately there are only two outcomes when this happens: building collapse or change orders. General Steel has experience designing and delivering steel buildings to snowy climates. Make sure you go with an experienced supplier like General Steel who can ensure your metal building is prefabricated with your local codes in mind.

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