Framing Inside Building
Pre Construction Considerations

While the advantages of combining a metal building shell and wood framing in the interior certainly outweigh a 100% wood structure, some HOA boards and municipalities will not approve the metal siding that forms the skin of the steel building. Before buying land, find out if there are any laws or restrictions for a metal building in that area. If there are restrictions, most can be overcome by installing a non-traditional siding like faux stone or insulated stucco panels.

Stacked Faux Stone Siding on Metal Building

GenStone siding can be installed over metal siding creating a more traditional look. GenStone is available through General Steel and can be purchased along with windows, doors and other components.

More on Insulation

To save money on heating and cooling, getting your steel building properly insulated is key. Since steel is a conductive material, you can lose heat through the walls if the building is not insulated properly. When your steel building is insulated properly, you can also avoid the possibility of rust and limit the noise of hail or rain makes on your metal roof.

The most common form of insulation is fiberglass, which comes in batts or rolls. It is the most affordable insulation option and is the most popular type of insulation for both homes and commercial buildings.

Foam board insulation is the next most affordable. It comes in rolls or sheets and is commonly used in metal buildings.

Spray foam is a more expensive option and is not currently an industry standard because it has the potential to trap in moisture and eventually cause rust to form.

Wood Framing Inside Metal Building
Stained Concrete and Finished Metal Building Shell
Finishing Touches

It is now time to install your lights, doors, cupboards, sinks, and anything else you want to add. It is best to wait to install the cupboards until after you have put in your flooring, so if you ever remodel you are not left with gaps in the flooring of the rooms.

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