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Did you know that a study at Florida State University found that presence of a regular sized garage had an approximate 13 percent effect on a home’s price when compared to similar homes with no garage? Let’s face it, even if you live in a warm climate when it comes time to purchase a property most people desire some sort of garage or storage space.

Detached or Attached Garages

An attached garage can be a significantly more difficult project to accomplish compared to a detached garage because of architectural considerations including how the new space will blend in with the rest of the home it is attaching to.  A detached garage on the other hand can in most cases take on a look of its own and still compliment the existing structure. Furthermore, according to the FSU study there was the same increase in home price whether the garage was attached or detached.

How Steel Garage Buildings Increase Home Value

More Square Footage

As a property owner, you are probably aware that the most common way to increase your home value is to add square footage. This is because the value of your property is determined by the market rate per square foot of the other homes in your area. While other factors also exist such as age and condition of the property, the size of the property in most cases has the most direct impact on price. Adding a detached garage counts towards your home’s overall square footage which you can enjoy now and in the future if you decide to sell.

Appeal to Potential Buyers

Obviously properties with more appeal to potential buyers usually sell for a higher price. Adding a detached garage appeals to buyers because it adds functionality to the property by providing a place to park vehicles and store seasonal items such as lawn equipment as well as those seasonal decorations that are cluttering up your attic. You would be hard pressed to find a buyer who doesn’t want a garage.

Transforming Existing Garage Space

If you already have a attached garage you may be asking yourself why would I add a detached garage? The answer is because you can transform your existing garage into a new more traditional living space. Maybe your family has outgrown your current home and you could turn your current garage space into a functional bedroom by finishing it with insulation, drywall and carpet. In most cases, the garage is also an easy place to add a bathroom to a new bedroom because in many homes the plumbing is located within close proximity to the garage.

Evaluate Adding a Metal Garage Building

General Steel makes it easy to evaluate the impact of adding a detached garage building to your home. Our expert design team will help you determine what size garage you can fit on your property and what size building would best suit your needs. After you and our team agree on a design, you can simply ask a local real estate agent what type of impact adding the space would have on your overall property value.