Engineering for Hurricane Season

Making sure your prefab metal building is engineered properly for hurricane season should be top-of-mind for many of our customers. There are simply too many companies who will claim to sell you a reliable hurricane-rate steel building structure, but the reality is, the building is under-engineered for the wind speeds in your locale.

Beware of Low Quality Steel Buildings

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was declared a category 1 tropical storm as it approached the east coast but was reclassified as a category 2 hurricane as it made landfall. This storm in particular showed all of us that even a category 1 or 2 storm can cause significant damage.

General Steel Church Building Endured Hurricane Sandy

Building Details

Size 39x89x24
Roof Pitch 2:12
Location Fort Lee, NJ
Walls Stucco Panels
Roof Color Brownstone
Trim Color Brownstone
UCF Indoor Football Facility

Building Details

Size 200 x 400 x 35
Roof Pitch 3:12
Location Orlando, FL
Wall Color Light Stone
Roof Color Galvalume
Trim Color Galvalume
Combine and Grain Truck in Metal Garage

Building Details

Size 30 x 50 x 16
Roof Pitch 1:12
Locaiton Hoboken, NC
Wall Color Crimson Red
Roof Color Galvalume
Trim Color Snow White

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