Step 1: Find your building type

What Type of Building Best Suits Your Needs

In order to acquire customers successfully new retail businesses identify the right location for their next store. The next decision is what type of building will best suit the new location. General Steel’s pre-engineered buildings offer the perfect solution for any retail environment. Whatever your retail business location and your retail specialty, a metal building from General Steel can easily fit into your budgetary needs along with saving you money compared to more conventional construction methods.

Economies of Scale and Timing

The world of retail sales is competitive and fast moving. Your new store needs to be constructed quickly and open for business rapidly. All of General Steel’s buildings are designed to allow for simple, fast erection at a fraction of the time it would take for a more traditional structure. Buildings purchased through General Steel also benefit from our company’s economies of scale because when you choose to work with the General, you have access to our company’s buying power. This translates into a more efficient purchase and more value in the investment you are making.

General Steel Buildings

A steel building from General Steel is the perfect choice for businesses needing retail space because it can be configured to meet you layout needs. Auto parts, specialty, and department stores are just a few of the types of businesses that benefit by choosing to build one of our buildings. General Steel can customize a high-quality steel building to suit your requirements. The attractiveness of any retail establishment is also key to generating sales. General Steel offers many options to enhance your storefront. As an industry leader in commercial grade prefabricated buildings General Steel can design and incorporate many options such as decorative brick, stucco, or stone panels onto your retail building.

Retail and Strip Mall Buildings

Retail and strip-mall developers turn to General Steel for a cost-effective real estate venture. Whether you are a seasoned developer or putting together your first project, rest assured that General Steel’s professional staff and design department will provide you with the perfect space!

Custom Designed Retail Centers

The space required by retail centers differs with every strip mall developed. Retail establishment developers turn to General Steel because our team will custom design your new retail center according to your tenant’s unique needs. Below are five example floor plans from recent retail and strip mall projects that our team designed.

If you see a floor plan below that is exactly what you are looking for, let us know and we will design your new building with that floor plan in mind.

However if you don’t see your perfect plan, let our design experts go to work for you and come up with a perfect space for your needs.

Example Retail Floor Plans

Retail Floor Plan 1

Retail Floor Plan 1

Retail Floor Plan 2

Retail Floor Plan 2

Retail Floor Plan 3

Retail Floor Plan 3

Retail Floor Plan 4

Retail Floor Plan 4

Retail Floor Plan 5

Retail Floor Plan 5

Why General Steel?

Customer satisfaction is one of the key reasons that General Steel has become one of the best known brand names worldwide in the commercial grade metal building business. General Steel provides only the highest quality materials in all of their kits.

At General Steel our experienced representatives are trained to ensure you receive superior customer service. If you have further questions about General Steel retail building packages, give us a call. An experienced representative will assist you and suggest a size and design that would best suit your budget and retail plan.

Advantages of Steel Retail Buildings

Thousands of people and organizations rely on our buildings to meet their needs. We are proud to have become one of the most recognized names in the world for high-quality steel buildings. If you want a quality retail building from a company you can trust, look no further than General Steel.

Clear Span Spaces

You can benefit from the column-free large open spaces to showcase your products and allow for ample office space to accommodate your sales and management staff. General Steel buildings are made with high-grade materials and are low-maintenance. As your business grows your General Steel building can also be easily and efficiently expanded.

Your Building as Unique as Your Business

Retail building types are as varied as the goods and services provided by the businesses they house. General Steel realizes that no two retailers are alike and that they require vastly different features in their buildings. Because General Steel buildings are able to be completely customized to any retail needs we can design the perfect size and shape for your store‘s requirements.

Retail Developers Need an Advantage

General Steel Brand Advantages


With column-free designs and freedom resulting from load-bearing walls in the interior, you’ll find that you have complete flexibility in designing the retail space that’s tailored exactly to your requirements. Whatever your store’s particular specialty – clothing, office supplies, sporting goods, or any other goods – your new retail building from General Steel can be configured to the most efficient layout.


General Steel retail buildings are produced using only high-grade steel and quality components. Since steel is non-combustible, it will not burn. In fact, many insurance companies recognize the inherent durability and safety provided by a steel building. Some insurance companies may offer policy savings to businesses who utilize steel buildings. General Steel buildings are also water, mold, and termite resistant potentially reducing overall maintenance costs.


Waiting for conventional retail structures to be built can lose sales and incur more costs. Unlike other structures a pre-engineered steel building is designed to go up fast. The General’s buildings are specially designed to do so at the factory, resulting in a project completed quicker allowing you to open your doors to business faster than you may have thought possible.


An attractive, durable, and long-lasting building does not have to be costly. General Steel buildings could save you significantly compared to the erection costs of similar structures developed using traditional construction methods and materials.


When you choose a steel building from General Steel you don’t have to worry about your storefront’s attractiveness. Since a variety of finishing materials are available to give your building the look of stucco, brick, or stone, you can customize your store to compliment the personality of your business and appeal to more customers.


How to Price Your Building