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Mini Storage

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The mini storage industry has been a top growth sector year after year for over 35 years. With 10% of the American population renting storage for an average of 10 months, vacancy levels are at historic lows, resulting in higher rent and swelling net incomes for American mini storage operators. This upsurge in net income is also driving cap rates upward annually which is enticing real estate investment trusts to search for mini storage businesses for sale throughout the country.

Browse through all of our rentable storage solutions including our popular mini storage building systems and covered as well as enclosed recreational vehicle storage buildings to see which structure could turn into a cash cow in your locale.

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Advantages of Our Mini Storage Buildings

While you do have options when it comes to storage, here’s why General Steel has been a leader in American mini storage buildings for over two decades.

Durability: Protecting Your Investment

In the self-storage business, using low-quality storage units can be a serious mistake. Cheaper quality units are not as durable and can be expensive to maintain. High-quality General Steel storage buildings offer increased resistance to external damage factors and normal wear from common use, resulting in an overall lower cost of ownership. We use high grade steel which provides straight walls, tight connections, and increased durability. Our buildings are designed to withstand the wind, snow and seismic conditions in your area and have the longest warranties in the industry. Therefore, you can focus on running your business rather than worrying about whether or not your investment will last; since our buildings are virtually maintenance free and will last for generations.

Versatility: Customization Options

Customizing the functionality and look of your units is one of the most important decisions for your business. For example, the color scheme you choose will be essential to catching the eye of potential renters and help you reduce the time it will take to reach full occupancy. Your color combination may also be an important factor in getting your project approved by your local building department. Take a look at some examples below and take note of which colors you prefer.

Competitive Pricing: Buy Right the First Time

At General Steel, we understand that buying your prefab metal building at the right price is just as important as purchasing or leasing your land at an affordable price. After all, the level of your initial investment will ultimately determine when you breakeven and start to turn a substantial profit. General Steel has the highest purchasing power in the industry which results in a better building price for you. If you happen to find a lower price, General Steel will never be undersold if you take advantage of this apples to apples price guarantee..

Products, Warranties and Service


General Steel

Available Products

C-Channel Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting

Add Colors

Roof, Trim, Walls

I-Beam Structural Warranty

50 Years

Paint Warranty

40 Years

Galvalume Roof Warranty

25 Years

Standing Seam Roof Warranty

20 Years

Project Coordinator

Included At No Additional Cost

C-Channel Construction

C-Channel buildings are an affordable solid steel building system that bolts together quick and can be expanded upon easily in the future..

Standard Features

  • Primary and Secondary Framing

  • 3:12 Roof Pitch

  • 26 Gauge Roof and Wall Sheeting

  • Fasteners

  • Includes one 3070 walk door

  • Walk door includes door and lever set

  • Roof and Wall Closures

  • 50 Year Warranty


Steel prices can be volatile and if you don’t buy at the right time, your building price can change drastically. Learn which economic factors to keep an eye on and where economists forecast the price of steel to go this year.



Every successful business starts with a thorough plan that completely evaluates a potential business. Our goal here is to make entrepreneurs aware of a great opportunity that exists in the mini storage industry and get you headed in the right direction.



Not sure what size building will fit on a parcel of land? Check out our popular map app to look up a property by address and place any size building footprint on the ground to see the feasibility. After you’re done, don’t forget to price it!