80x90 Telluride Metal Home

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80×90 Home

The Telluride metal home plan consists of a 40×60 main living area plus a 30x80 shop and living quarters that is flanked by its 10’ front porches on each side. The 80×90 metal home footprint boasts all of the benefits of steel construction, including customization options, energy efficiency, and location-specific engineering. For more information on a 80×90 metal homel, including a cost estimate and our preferred network of interior contractors, please complete the form.

General Steel Homes

Framing Detail, Warranties and Service

Brand General Steel
Available Products I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting
Add Colors Roof, Walls and Trim
Structural Warranty 50 Years
Paint Warranty 40 Years
Standing Seam Roof Warranty 25 Years
Galvalume Roof Warranty 20 Years
Project Coordinator Included at No Additional Cost

Metal Home Package Includes and Popular Additions

Our 80×90 metal building home package can be easily transformed into custom home when personalized with your desired components. A base home package includes the primary and secondary framing as well as the sheeting and is engineered for durability. Our components department will help you plan for any additional features, such as windows, doors, insulation, and exterior color schemes.


  • Primary and Secondary Framing
  • 1:12 Roof Pitch
  • 26 Gauge Roof and Wall Sheeting
  • Fasteners
  • Sealants and Flashing
  • Deluxe Trim Package
  • Ridge Cap
  • Plans and Drawings


  • 3070 Man Door
  • Sectional Door
  • Roll Up Door
  • Horizontal or Vertical Slide Windows
  • Insulation
  • Insulated Stucco Panels
  • Light Transmitting Panels
  • Gutters and Downspouts

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options when it comes to finishing the interior of the metal home?

While we offer a rendering to help you visualize what’s possible inside of this metal home, how the interior space is finished is up to you. To assist, we can connect you with one of our local contractors in your area once you decide on a particular home to finalize the interior layout and estimate finishing costs.

What type of insulation is recommended for steel homes?

Batt insulation is the most economical and common followed by insulated panels. Spray foam is not recommended.

What materials should I use to create the interior walls?

You frame the interior wall partitions of a metal home the same way as a traditional home. We recommend timber using throughout the interior of the metal home because wood is cost effective and you still gain all of the benefits of a metal building where it counts.

What about a second story?

While we can provide a steel mezzanine for the second floor of your home, we still recommend framing the second floor using a more traditional method to keep costs down.

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