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Need Space? You Need the General!

You have a few options when it comes to sheltering your most valuable toys. Of course, a prefabricated garage is a surefire way to protect them from serious damage. But what are your options if an enclosed building isn’t possible due to limited budget, space, or is simply unnecessary?

One practical option is a metal carport: a structure that covers and protects property from weather damage. These structures are usually open on four sides with a roof to protect cars and other possessions from rain, snow, and/or sun damage.

I-Beam Carport Kits

Whether it’s a classic car, an RV for family vacations, the boat you always wanted, or the fleet of vehicles to take your business to the next level – making that big-ticket purchase comes with the excitement of future fun, adventure, or success. On the flip side of that coin, however, is the anxiety that comes with maintaining and protecting that big purchase and securing your investment.

Not All Carports Are Created Equal

While the word carport may conjure images of flimsy fabric structures , it’s important to note that not all carports are created equal. There are several different types of metal carports, which vary in size, shape, material and function. The type of carport that you select depends on several factors, including your location, climate, application and budget.

What you don’t have to worry about when working with General Steel is receiving a low-quality structure that won’t get the job done. All of our prefabricated structures, including metal carports, are designed according to your specific use. Each building component is pre-engineered in a controlled environment before arriving to the site for construction. These are not temporary structures designed for short-term use – they are long-term strategies for securing your belongings and adding value to your home, business, or organization.

Which Carport Style is Right for You

Carports are one of the most popular solutions for everything from one car storage to Class A motorhome parking. With high demand comes a multitude of options and it’s our goal to help you determine which style of carport is the best choice for your project. As always, our team will walk you through the pros and cons of each building system, but here’s a quick breakdown of your choices and why each style may be the solution you need. 

Light Gauge Carports

Here’s when a light gauge (14 gauge) carport is the right choice.

  • You live in a moderate climate
  • You have a limited budget
  • Not protecting valuable assets

I-Beam Carports

Here’s when an I-Beam (26 gauge) carport is the right choice.

  • You live in an area with consistent weather conditions
  • You can’t afford damage to the contents of the building

  • Have some flexibility in your budget

Leanto Carports

Here’s when a leanto carport is the right choice.

  • You have limited space to build
  • You can’t afford to build an enclosed building
  • You have a sound structure to attach to

Compare Carport Solutions

Explore the pros and cons.

Two of the most commonly selected carport solutions are the I-Beam carport and the light gauge carport. Here’s some pros and cons to consider about each style.

I-Beam Carports


General Steel I-beam carports are engineered for durability and backed by our 50 year warranty. This all bolt together construction system is also do-it-yourself friendly and the primary framing is composed of less columns but can span larger widths.


I-beam carports tend to be more expensive than light gauge and the added strength may be more than needed in some climates. 

Light Gauge Carports


Light gauge carports still offer the same protection from the sun and other elements. This building system is also tends to deliver and can be constructed more quickly. If you live in a moderate climate and have a tight timeline, this may be an acceptable solution.


Less steel means less strength. Compared to a 26 gauge I-Beam carport, this building system fails much more often under adverse weather.

Warranties and Service


General Steel

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I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting

I-Beam Structural Warranty

50 Years

Add Colors

Roof, Trim, Walls

Paint Warranty

40 Years

Galvalume Roof Warranty

25 Years

Standing Seam Roof Warranty

20 Years

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