General Steel Carport for Commercial Vehicles

For larger, bus-shaped rigs that measure more than 25 feet in length, a high-quality, steel-constructed carport offers ideal protection from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight.

Class A RVs are a significant investment. These vehicles require ongoing protection in order to get the most out of them for the long term. With as much money, effort, and energy that is required to obtain and maintain a Class A RV, isn’t your investment worth the best possible physical protection available on the market?

For Class A RVs, General Steel Buildings recommends both the VersaTube and I-beam carport styles, as either one can be customized to provide the exact coverage you need. Most Class A RVs are going to require carport coverage of 20 feet in width, 30 feet in length, and height coverage of at least 16 feet (most Class A motorhomes stand 14 feet tall).

Do you own a sleeper van, camper van, or other Class B recreational vehicle? While these smaller, more agile RVs aren’t as big and bulky as their Class A or Class C cousins, they still need a home when they’re parked or out of commission for the season.

Thankfully, there’s a wide range of metal RV carports that provide just the right coverage and protection for your Class B RV. For this application, General Steel Buildings recommends the 20x24 I-beam carport. This carport is large enough to accommodate a Class B RV and can be constructed in a single day or two.

Class C RVs are an excellent choice for those looking for an RV that is easier to drive, more fuel-efficient, and still complete with all of the amenities that you might need on the road. These rigs are generally less expensive than Class A motorhomes, and the more nimble operation and smaller footprint make for a more condensed, compact RV experience.

If you own a Class C RV or are considering purchasing one, what is your plan for storing and protecting it? To address this, General Steel Buildings offers VersaTube or I-beam carports perfectly sized for Class C rigs.

Because many Class Cs are outfitted with a towing package, they are capable of hauling toy trailers or other vehicles. Why not choose an RV carport that has coverage enough for both the Class C RV and the tow-behind trailer or secondary vehicle? To achieve this level of coverage, a 20x40 or 30x40 carport would be an ideal option to consider.

Our RV Carports

General Steel metal carport with green trim option. The image has a blue box truck in the carport.


You have a few options when it comes to sheltering your most valuable toys. A prefabricated garage or other...

20x30 Tube Carport Kit

20×30 Tube Carport

A 20×30 carport from General Steel offers a dependable solution for sheltering multiple vehicles, ATVs, lawn...

20x40x10 Tube Carport Kit

20×40 Tube Carport

If you need to shelter multiple cars or even a motorhome, a 20×40 tube frame carport is an affordable option.

20x24 Metal Carport

20×24 Carport

If you’re looking for a metal carport with storage for ATVs, lawn tractors or Class B motorhome, a 20×24 carport...

20x30 Metal Carport

20×30 Carport

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20x40x14 Metal Carport

20×40 Carport

A 20x40 carport package is equipped to house a variety of assets, including recreational vehicles, a business...

24x30 Metal Carport

24×30 Carport

If you’re looking for a dependable carport to protect two vehicles, a 24×30 carport from General Steel is a...

30x30 Metal Carport

30×30 Carport

A 30x30 metal carport package is an ideal fit for sheltering three vehicles. The clear span framing of our...

30x40x14 Metal Carport

30×40 Carport

A 30×40 carport kit from General Steel is capable of storing and protecting three vehicles or even a Class Super C


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One of the best features of the steel carports available from General Steel Buildings is the fact that they can be customized to suit your application.

If your RV is an investment that you’d like to protect for years to come, then you need a high-quality, affordable steel carport from General Steel Buildings.

To make the process as easy as possible, we’ll work with you to identify the ideal carport format with all of the features you need to be confident that your RV will be optimally protected from the elements for decades to come.

That’s right—decades! General Steel Buildings is proud to provide a 50-year warranty on all of our steel building products. This is the industry’s strongest and longest warranty, something you simply won’t find anywhere else!

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