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Our Goals and Expectations

Our pre-construction services package is only successful for our team when your building is delivered and you begin construction. General Steel is a leader in the construction industry nationally because our team is made up of experienced professionals who know how to execute successful projects.

Whether you are planning on opening a new business, expanding a current operation or working on a personal real estate development project, our pre-construction team will meet you wherever you are in the process of building and make sure your construction project is successful.

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Guidance from Experts

Our team at General Steel has planned, designed, and executed thousands of complex projects including operational expansions for America’s top companies and other complex projects for schools, private individuals and even international organizations.

The Affordable Planning Solution

When you decide to build there are a multitude of internal as well as external factors to consider and implement into the design of your upcoming project. Therefore, planning an upcoming business expansion, start up or any other complex project can be a difficult process to navigate without the guidance of experienced professionals who have executed similar projects.

Affordable Project Diligence

Every construction project no matter how large or small requires due diligence to ensure that the project is a true success. Before we introduced our pre-construction services package, those who needed to raise capital or explore the feasibility of an upcoming project would need to hire an expensive architect and then present the project to their local municipality or capital sources.

Our team can begin with as little as a hand-drawn sketch or a brief verbal description of what you intend to build. After we get the initial concept on paper, our team will thoroughly research what you can build according to your local zoning, produce final floor plans, 3D renderings and a complete cost analysis detailing what it will cost to complete construction as designed.

Our affordable pre-construction package is exactly what you need to get your project headed in the right direction and help you design a perfect economical project.

What We Do For You

We research your site’s zoning and code requirements to make sure we are designing a project that can be built. The information attained during this step will influence how we design your building during the next steps in the process.

It is also important to understand your local requirements because these factors can change total project costs. The zoning and code review will ensure that your project is successful by limiting the chance of delays and unforeseen surprises.

Example Factors

All relevant factors will be identified including but not limited to the following examples.

  • Landscaping
  • Parking
  • Setbacks
  • Height Restrictions
  • Buildable Area Ratios

Steel Building Floor PlansHow to Use the Space

Once the code and zoning review is complete we know what can be built in your location. Now it’s time to decide how you will use your new space. During this phase of our pre-construction process, you will work with our team of experienced space planners to design and develop an arrangement of your projected space.

Why Do You Need Our Help?

Our space planners are the best in the industry at making sure the utilization of the space remains efficient while also incorporating exactly what you need the new building to provide currently and in the future.

Shipping Steel BuildingsVisualizing Your Project

Once you and our team agree on a final version of the floor plan, we will render your project into our cutting-edge 3D software to produce full color representations of the new building. You will be able to see how the building will look from all four sides including the building’s roof style and exterior finishes. We’ve found that 3D renderings can help investors and other stakeholders in the project connect with the overall vision and get excited about making the project a reality.

Steel Building Price

How Much Will it Cost?

Before you decide to move forward with the project as designed, you should know exactly how much it will cost to complete construction including the initial site work through the installation of the last light fixture.

This is why our complete cost analysis is an essential part of our pre-construction package. This line item cost description will outline all of the costs associated with the completion of construction. This will allow you to adjust the budget or the building in order to meet your cost expectations and it is so accurate lending institutions can use it as part of your loan package.

Successful Design Build Projects

Our pre-construction services package was designed to result in completed design-build projects. Your project is not a success for our team until the building is delivered and you commence construction. As part of this process, our team will stop at nothing to take your project from inception through successful completion of construction.

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We’ve helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs just like you plan and execute a construction project that was vital to the success of their new or growing business.

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