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Aircraft Hangars

Need Space? You Need the General!

In the aircraft industry even the smallest of airplanes represents an investment totaling thousands of dollars in initial investment and more money in necessary maintenance. When you invest in a steel aircraft hangar from General Steel you’re protecting your investment and providing a suitable service structure using some of the most durable, high quality, and cost-effective materials available.

Personal aviation has grown in popularity over recent decades. Therefore, the need for more space in the aviation industry has increased as more and more individuals as well as companies add to their fleet. Business owners and private use individuals contact General Steel when they need more space for their planes because of our high quality buildings, easy access bi-fold doors and 300′ clear span buildings.

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Custom Designed Airplane Hangars

Steel is quickly becoming the material of choice for public and private aircraft hangars across the United States, and General Steel is one of the most recognized names in the pre-engineered metal building industry. General Steel uses only high-quality steel in all of our buildings that are engineered for water, mold, mildew and termite resistance resulting in less wear and tear and lower maintenance costs as compared with more conventional building systems. A steel aircraft hangar from General Steel has straight walls, tight connections, and durable components ensuring you a top quality product.

With many types of conventional construction, specialized layouts or oversized structures lead to excessive structure costs. With a General steel hangar you can attain the building size and style you need and still maintain your budget. As an aircraft owner we realize that your different needs may require a particular dimension of building to accommodate any number and sizes of aircraft. General Steel can design the perfect hangar for your space considerations, be it a small single engine plane or a jumbo jet.

Custom Designed Hangars

The space required by those in the aviation industry differs with every hangar built. Luckily, our team will custom design your new hangar according to your unique needs and this is why General Steel is a choice provider for aircraft hangar buildings. Below is one example floor plan from a hangar our team recently worked on to give you ideas for your upcoming project. Check it out but also look at the hangar renderings in our 3D rendering section as well as the hangar buildings page to see constructed hangars.

Protecting Your Aircraft

Building appearance is the concern of many aircraft and airfield owners. If you have a particular style in mind, General Steel can provide the look you need. By enhancing your steel hangar with brick, stone, pre-cast concrete or glass, your building will be aesthetically appealing as well as providing the perfect solution to your aircraft servicing and storage needs. Call General Steel to receive more information about your particular project. An experienced General Steel representative will be able to answer your questions about providing a steel aircraft hangar that suits your space and budgetary needs.

  • Flexibility:

    Federal, state, and local regulations often have considerable requirements in the size, type, and appearance of hangars at public and private airfields. General Steel metal aircraft hangars are designed to accommodate these demands. A variety of configurations are available, giving you the freedom to design your own custom space and help you satisfy building codes in your area. Additionally, General Steel metal buildings can accommodate a variety of hangar door sizes and types- including bi-fold, bi-parting and stacking – to enable you to construct a building that not only meets any building requirements, but can also meet the aircraft’s space clearance needs. General Steel can also provide T-hangars, both nested or stacked. A column-free interior provides for maximum clear span space and a variety of available eave heights. A steel airplane hangar kit from General Steel is a perfect fit for most aircraft wingspans and tail heights, and even offers you the option of multiple plane storage under one roof.

  • Durability:

    General Steel uses only high-quality steel that is resistant to water, mold, mildew, and termites, resulting in less wear and tear over the life of your building. That can mean less repair and maintenance costs that are often incurred with more conventional structures. A steel aircraft hangar from General Steel provides straight walls, tight connections, and increased durability, all resulting in a hangar built for years of beneficial service.

  • Speed:

    General Steel hangars are pre-welded, pre-drilled, and pre-punched at the factory, allowing for faster, simpler, and more economical construction than almost any other type of conventional construction.

  • Quality:

    You will want to ensure that the materials used to manufacture your building will provide years of low maintenance service. Your investment in a hangar is too important to leave quality to chance. At General Steel, aircraft hangars are fabricated using only high-quality steel and premium components.General Steel ensures customer satisfaction for your aircraft hangar project.

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