Our steel buildings allow for up to 300’ of support-less indoor spans, accommodating storage of virtually any aircraft, commercial or otherwise. 

Designed and engineered for energy efficiency and optimal use of indoor space, General Steel airport hangars deliver performance in areas where other suppliers simply cannot. 


Every steel aircraft hangar from General Steel comes with a suite of standard features that sets us apart from the competition.

Integrated Primary and Secondary Framing:
Every component of a General Steel airport hangar is uniquely designed to work with the overall building system. There’s no confusion about frame compatibility with siding, roofing, or ingress/egress points.

Custom Engineered Roofing:
Ideal for effective water drainage, General Steel airport hangar roofs come with a 25-year warranty.

26-gauge Steel Roofing and Wall Sheeting:
Optimal protection from the elements is provided by rugged steel siding and Galvalume or Standing Seam roofing.

All Building Materials Included:
General Steel airport hangars include every nut, bolt, fastener, sealant, and trim needed to complete the build quickly and easily.

All Blueprints, Engineering Drawings, and Plans Are Supplied:
When you buy a steel airport hangar from General Steel, nothing is left to chance. All documentation is included, streamlining the permitting and construction application process.

Choose from all the premium add-ons you need to truly make your new steel hangar suit your specific needs.

BiFold or Sliding Doors:
Hydraulic overhead door options are also available, although they occupy some ceiling space.

Horizontal or Vertical Sliding Windows:
Windows and doors are available with varying dimensions based on your needs.

Insulation, stucco panels, or light-transmitting panels:
With these add-ons, you can truly design your hangar to express your design vision without compromising structural integrity or aesthetics.

Gutters and downspouts:
Metal rain management hardware is essential to help protect the building from ice damming, water pooling, and moisture ingress.

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This image of a General Steel aircraft hangar shows the possibility of storing more than just planes. A truck with boat in tow, an ATV, a Skid Steer and Utility Lift are also shown inside along with the plane.
This image shows an airplane hangar built by General Steel.
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