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30×60 Home with Garage

Need Space? You Need the General!

Steel is the future of home construction, and a 30×60 steel home kit from General Steel puts you ahead of the game. As designed, the Continental plan features a detached garage that can be added to your quote now or built at a later time. Design, customize, expand – it’s all up to you when you work with General Steel and our network of contractors.

For more information, including a cost estimate on 30×60 steel home kits from General Steel, please fill out the contact form below, or call us at 1-800-745-2685.

*Note: Base building only, does not include interior drywall or interior framing.

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If you need space…you NEED the General!

Base Building Package

Our 30×60 metal building home package can be easily transformed into custom home when personalized with your desired components. A base home package includes the primary and secondary framing as well as the sheeting and is engineered for durability. Our components department will help you plan for any additional features, such as windows, doors, insulation, and exterior color schemes.

Standard Features

  • Primary and Secondary Framing

  • 1:12 Roof Pitch

  • 26 Gauge Roof and Wall Sheeting

  • Fasteners

  • Sealants and Flashing

  • Deluxe Trim Package

  • Ridge Cap

  • Plans and Drawings

For information, please review our standard building features.

Warranties and Service


General Steel

Available Products

I-Beam Framing: 26 Gauge Sheeting

I-Beam Structural Warranty

50 Years

Add Colors

Roof, Trim, Walls

Paint Warranty

40 Years

Galvalume Roof Warranty

25 Years

Standing Seam Roof Warranty

20 Years

Project Coordinator

Included At No Additional Cost