Prefab Buildings Infographic

What Makes Two Prefab Steel Buildings Similar?

Prefab steel buildings are one of the most reliable and enduring construction methods due to the standard building features that make up the framing. These standard framing designs are the features that make two metal buildings similar and also strong. More specifically, if you were to look at the framing of a prefab steel building this framing details infographic will outline how the primary, secondary framing and sheeting make each building we deliver similar.

Prefabricated Trucking Facility Building
One More Reason to Choose Prefab Buildings

When you purchase a building supplied by General Steel, your prefab metal building kit arrives with the component pieces you need to assemble your new building. You simply need to have your foundation or slab in place along with your anchor bolts. Some projects are DIY-friendly and others require a bit more experience, depending on the magnitude of your project. Either way, all projects bolt together, eliminating the need for complicated and time-consuming welding.

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