Paws 4 Fun Dog Park
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Aside from giving dogs an indoor space to play to avoid extreme temperatures or other uncomfortable weather, the floors in indoor parks are typically more comfortable for their joints than the hard-packed dirt in an outdoor dog park, and they are easier to keep clean.

dogs in a doggy daycare
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Disease Prevention

There are several diseases that dogs can catch in social settings like a park or daycare. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, these are the main illnesses that can spread in a facility:

  • Canine Distemper: this spreads through particles in the air and through respiratory secretions.
  • Dog Influenza: This is spread through contaminated surfaces and respiratory secretions.
  • Parvo: This spreads through contact with infected dogs and contaminated surfaces.
  • Kennel Cough: This is one of the most common viruses for a dog to pick up. It spreads through direct contact with infected dogs, contaminated surfaces, and airborne droplets.

By having a facility that is easy to clean and sterilize, you can help prevent the spread of some of these illnesses. One big benefit of a steel building is that things cannot grow on it because it is not a living material. This can help prevent diseases from spreading in your facility since it is hard for anything living to grow on steel. It is difficult to keep an outdoor park completely sterile and safe for dogs, which is one reason why an indoor park is a good option for socializing dogs.

Dogwood Play Park pups
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