Texas Barndominium Kits
Metal barndominium buildings can feature wood accents. This allows the owner to gain all of the benefits a steel building provides while also maintaining a traditional barn look and feel.

Why Are Barndominiums So Popular?

One of the reasons barndominiums are so popular is because of the cost savings. They cost less than a traditional home and are faster to build. Barndominiums also have next to no exterior maintenance requirements and tend to have cheaper insurance costs and taxes; barndo owners often report paying much less for utilities as well.

60x70 Barndominium Plan

This barndominium kit is a good example of a mixed-use space. The 30′ x 60′ space provides 1,800 square feet of living area while 30′ x 40′ area can be used to store livestock or farming equipment. This kit is essentially two separate metal buildings which can be built at the same time or the owner can choose to add the flex space later.

60x70 Texas Barndominium Kit Price

Average Cost to Build a Barndominium

When planning your barndominium project, you need to account for the cost of the kit as well as a concrete pad, building erection and interior finishings.

Building System $12-$18 per SQFT
Concrete Foundation $6-$10 per SQFT
Building Erection $10-16 per SQFT
Interior Finish $50-$140 per SQFT

Barndominium Questions and Answers

How much flexibility do I have in my barndominium layout?

Our pre-engineering process allows you to design a barndominium that you’ve always envisioned. The design flexibility of our steel kits is a major advantage over traditional materials.

What types of insulation are used in barndominium kits?

Batt insulation is the most economical and common followed by insulated panels. Spray foam is not recommended.

How do I make my barndominium look less like a steel building?

We provide customization options, including several choices for windows, doors, and color schemes to make your building your own.

How much can I save with a metal barndominium over traditional construction?

Buying when steel prices are low and construction timelines can save you up to 50% compared to traditional construction.

Cost Savings with Texas Barndominiums
This barndominium features a monitor style roof which is an additional cost compared to a standard gable roof.
Popularity of Barndominium Kits by Region

The barndominium concept originated in Texas and according to Google Trends, the Lone Star State continues to be the region with the most interest in barndominium kits. This combined living and livestock plan was created by Texas ranchers who were tired of going out in bad weather to check on their horses. Essentially, they were created so that ranchers could tend to their animals without leaving

Modular Compared to Barndominium

More on General Steel Barndominium Kits

Visit our help center to find answers to commonly asked questions about steel building construction and other barndominium related topics. If you are ready to price your barndo kit, check out our simple 3 step price your building form.

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