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I have purchased five building packages from General Steel. I received all of them in a timely manner and fully complete. General Steel spent considerable time in the pre-purchase phase, getting the buildings to match my needs (size, insulation packages, roofing systems, windows/doors, layout). This led to accurate quotes, eliminating additions after I signed the purchase order. That up-front time with General Steel was valuable. On my largest building I put a lot of effort into getting quotes from several competing steel building companies. In the end, General Steel’s package was the best. I suspect their large buying power with vendors and low margins for overhead kept their costs competitive. I wound up purchasing a total of 5 buildings. If I were to purchase again, my first choice would again be General Steel. My projects have spanned a couple of years, and General Steel is still available to answer the phone and address any question that I might have.
Phil, Bought 5 Buildings

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