High Quality System You Can Count On

If you are an experienced self-storage owner or developer, you understand the importance of using a high-quality building system. General Steel buildings have been designed with quality, flexibility, and economy in mind. There are a number of advantages to self-storage developments including unique design, customization and durability.

General Steel Mini-Storage Quality

In the self-storage business, using low-quality storage units can be a serious mistake. Cheaper quality units are not as durable and can be expensive to maintain. High-quality General Steel storage buildings offer increased resistance to external damage factors and normal wear from common use, resulting in an overall lower cost of ownership.

At General Steel, we use a high-grade of steel which provides straight walls, tight connections, and increased durability. These buildings are designed to last and have the longest lasting guaranty in the industry. Your steel self storage development can be virtually maintenance free with a high-quality building system supplied by the General.

Consider these Advantages for Your Development

General Steel Brand Advantages


General Steel self-storage developments are designed to meet and surpass your local weather requirements including wind. Because of the design, our buildings are able to withstand adverse weather conditions.


With General Steel self-storage building kits, you are not stuck with specific size units. Our self-storage kits have flexible divisions, allowing you to change the each individual size of every unit according to rental needs.


Storage customers have been known to cause significant damage to self-storage developments. That is why General Steel mini-storage buildings come standard with the highest quality and most durable sheeting available. This helps resist damage, and helps to ensure a long operational existence of your storage units.

Fast Erection:

General Steel buildings are designed and prepared at the plant for fast erection. This means that your mini-storage business will be in operation quickly.


General Steel supplies buildings that are expandable. Meaning, it is easy to add additional units and space as your business grows and your expansion will always be covered by our 50 year warranty.


The outside of the building can benefit from increased curb appeal by using any number of finishing accessories that will help the development stand out among surrounding structures or blend in with existing units.