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Browse through the collection of building photos below to get ideas for your steel building project. Be sure to take note of the color combinations you like as well as the types of building accessories you would like to incorporate into your project. For a more detailed description of certain projects, check out the homepage which is updated weekly with new projects and relevant project information.

If you don’t see the type of building you are looking for, contact General Steel and let your representative know what type of project you would like examples of and we will send you ideas and photos of the type of building you are planning to build.

Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural Steel Buildings

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Auto Repair Buildings

Auto Repair Steel Buildings

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Brewery Buildings

Brewery Buildings

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Church Buildings

Church Buildings

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Equestrian Buildings

Steel Equestrian Buildings

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Government Buildings

Steel Government Buildings

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Hay Storage Buildings

Steel Hay Storage Buildings

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Manufacturing Buildings

Steel Manufacturing Buildings

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Recreational Buildings

Steel Recreational Buildings

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School Buildings

Steel School Buildings

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Shop Buildings

Steel Shop Buildings

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Strip Mall Buildings

Steel Strip-Mall Buildings

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Aircraft Hangar Buildings

General Steel Aircraft Hangar

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Barn Buildings

General Steel Barn Buildings

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Canopy Buildings

General Steel Canopy Buildings

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Commercial Buildings

General Steel Commercial Buildings

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Garage Buildings

General Steel Garage Buildings

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Gymnasium Buildings

General Steel Gymnasium Buildings

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House Buildings

General Steel House Buildings

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Office Buildings

General Steel Office Buildings

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Retail Buildings

General Steel Retail Buildings

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Self-Storage Buildings

General Steel Self-Storage Buildings

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Sports Buildings

General Steel Sports Buildings

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Warehouse Buildings

General Steel Warehouse Buildings

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