External and Internal Cost Factors

A steel frame building’s cost can vary, because steel is a complex commodity there are numerous internal and external factors that can influence cost of a steel framing. Internal cost factors by definition are easy to see and explain such as the quality of the building system you choose. External factors on the other hand are more difficult to put a finger on.

Metal Building Cost 101

Internal Cost Factors

  • Building Size
  • Building Type
  • Customizations Added

External Cost Factors

  • Price of Steel
  • Delivery and Fabrication
  • Construction Labor

Cost Per SQFT by Steel Frame Building System

Steel frame building prices can also vary drastically from company to company depending on the company’s buying power and the type of metal frame building the company supplies. Below are price per square foot ranges for various steel framing systems.

I-Beam (materials delivered) $20 - $31 per SQFT
C-Channel (materials delivered) $10 - $25 per SQFT
Quonset Hut (materials delivered) $7 - $36 per SQFT
Tube Carport (materials delivered) $7 - $30 per SQFT
Metal Frame Building Construction
Prefab metal frame buildings feature all bolt together construction and can be ordered with a predetermined number of framed openings. The framed openings can be field located and encase windows, doors or hundreds of other customization options.

Man Hour Cost to Erect Steel Frame Buildings

When you get your metal frame building from General Steel, we can help align you with a contractor in your area. On average, a metal building system can be completed much more quickly than a traditionally built structure as shown in the man hours to construct a 9,000 square foot steel building below.

Man Hours to Erect Metal Frame Buildings
The construction costs for a metal building can vary depending on your location due to things like union labor and local demand as well as the size and complexity of the building. The insulation and siding you choose for your steel frame building is also a factor in the construction costs.

Steel Frame Solutions

You have a lot of options when it comes to building your steel frame building, but with General Steel’s custom steel frame building kits, you can design the building that suits your needs. Whether you are looking to build your dream home, an office building, a garage, church, or even a casino, our customization options can help you get what you want in a building.

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