How to Buy Your General Steel Metal Building in 7 Steps
What You Can Expect from General Steel

At General Steel, we are never too busy to provide you with our full suite of services and consulting. However, in the lead up to the start of busy spring construction season, that can mean longer delivery times for your building project. You should continue to expect our same level of service, extensive instructions, personal tips and professional insight, but we don’t want you to miss your deadline when planning ahead will ensure your project is at the top of the queue.

Of course, we don’t want to rush your order if you’re project schedule isn’t ready. But if you’re confident in your construction timelines, we recommend getting your order in as soon as possible in order to begin construction on your steel building. Construction trends show that steel buildings offer the quickest construction timelines, 30-50% faster than any other materials according to a Tata Construction study. If you’re shooting for a spring completion date, contact us now and get the process started!

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