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garage ideas and shop layouts

Garage layoutGarages

A garage usually refers to a building that houses vehicles. If you have a car collection, a fleet of company vehicles, or you simply need more room or shelter for the vehicles you use on a daily basis, a garage is a reasonable choice for your steel building.

Typical shop layoutShops

A workshop is usually more closely related to personal projects. Carpenters, mechanics, engineers and artists, among others, all use workshops to draft plans, build and refine projects and store equipment and supplies. If your tools and machines have outgrown your personal garage, a workshop is most likely the steel building you need.

Maybe You Need a Combination Space

Sometimes a garage and a workshop are one in the same. If a home auto shop is what you have in mind, you might design your shop layout to get the best of both worlds – the space of a garage and the personal touch of a workshop.

Survey Results and Recommended Building Sizes

Our metal garages page is by far the most popular resource page on our website, followed up closely by our workshop ideas page and then our RV storage buildings page. At one point, our website only contained a garages page which encompassed everything that could be categorized as a “garage” space. However, after surveying over 4,000 of our customers over the past several months and countless others over the phone, we confirmed that our customers have a well defined space in mind and that doesn’t always fit into the “garage” box. So, in light of the data we gathered below, we revamped each of our dedicated resource pages to better assist you in planning your project.

What We Discovered About Garages, Workshops and RV Storage

If you need more space a metal building is the perfect solution for your needs but defining what you plan to do with your new building is essential in order to take advantage of the customization options available to you. We learned that while our customers were looking for a “garage” the survey told us that a customized space is exactly what our customers are looking for.

RV Storage86%1 Car17%Mancave7%
Boats & ATVs14%2 Car83%Other18%
Recommended Building Sizes

Expert Insight: Did you know that adding a new garage or workshop space can increase your home’s value by as much as 13%! Some homeowners are even able to convert their current garage into a new living area or bedroom as part of the new garage or workshop project.

Intended UseWidthLength
1 Car Garage15′20′
+ Storage20′20′
2 Car Garage20′30′
+ Storage30′40′
RV Storage
Class A30′50′
Class B20′30′
Class C30′40′

Measuring for Your Shop or Garage Layout

After you’ve decided what type of building you want and need, you can start zeroing in on shop layouts and where you’d like to construct your new steel building. Here’s a great tool for finding the optimal space for your garage or workshop. Simply enter your address, type in the size of the building you want, and see how a new building would fit on your property. If you aren’t sure what size would be best, measure your current garage or draw an outline on your property.


Garage Ideas and Shop Layouts

Now that you’ve narrowed down the type of custom designed building you need and what size would best accommodate your vehicles, toys or hobbies, it’s time to figure out how you would like it to function and look aesthetically. Browse the various shop layouts and garages below to see what color scheme you like and which metal building components like windows, doors and insulation would make your building the perfect space.

  • Door access into steel workshop building
  • Interior of General Steel workshop
  • Workshop building with two doors for access
  • Steel garage and boat storage
  • Dave's RV storage garage building
  • One car metal garage with red wainscot
  • Betty's steel garage in Colorado
  • 40x60 metal garage New Mexico
  • Crimson 30x50 garage building with sectional door

Think Outside the Box

Storage should be a priority. You don’t want to build a brand new garage only to find out it doesn’t have the space to fit all of your toys. After the more functional designs are cemented, personalizing your space with speaker systems, computers and other gadgets can transform your garage from some extra space into a full-blown mancave.

Expert Insight: Adding 6 extra feet to the width of your steel garage or workshop will result in valuable storage space next to where you park your cars or place your equipment. Not to mention that extra 6 feet is enough to place a 3070 man door next to the roll up or sectional door

What Else Can You Do with Shop Layouts or Garages?

The beauty of personal garages and workshops is that they can be used for any number of jobs or hobbies. If you’re annoying your family with your newfound love of the guitar, take it out back to a personal music studio, where you can play and record at any volume. If brewing beer is your passion, find some more space and gain more control of the process in a home brewery. Is your family in town? Keep everyone comfortable by building a guest house. The possibilities are endless, especially considering the customizable properties of steel buildings.