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For those fortunate enough, the garage has evolved from a functional shelter for your car into a recreational escape, where car enthusiasts are free to indulge their passion. For many car collectors, the garage is akin to a living museum, where reverence for their classic cars approaches religion. That level of respect requires a special facility, and many famous car collectors are choosing massive steel buildings to house their cherished possessions. Here are five of the most amazing collector’s car garages:

Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno

Photo credit: LA Times

The Most Famous Garage

Jay Leno became famous as the Tonight Show host, but his love for cars and his ridiculous garage are also well-documented. Known as the Big Dog garage, Leno’s facility is home to 169 automobiles and 117 motorcycles. Leno works on many of the cars himself, and each is ready to be driven out of the showroom. His garage and collection is perhaps the most famous of all, even spawning a YouTube series appropriately titled, “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Leno is respected for his diverse taste and genuine appreciation for cars of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Did You Know?

Have you ever struggled to find the right steering wheel or original gear shifter? Well Jay Leno has found a solution, a 3D printer he uses to print parts for his cars he can no longer find on the open market.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Garage

Jerry Seinfeld

Photo credit: TheRichest

Protecting A Million Dollar Porche Collection

The comedy icon is serious about his unique car collection, housing it in an underground, 844-square-foot building in the middle of Manhattan that was once a plumbing factory. The climate-controlled, 3-story garage includes an office, billiards table, kitchen and an elevator. Of course, it’s also home to 47 Porsche cars worth $15 million. And they aren’t just for show. Seinfeld employs a private mechanic to keep all of his cars ready to take out of the garage on a moment’s notice.

Collectors Car Garage

Car Collectors Ultimate Steel Garage Building

Photo credit: Collectors Car Garage

Combining the Collection of Many

This facility in Bedford Hills, N.Y., is a country club of sorts for car collectors. Many car collectors run out of space in their private garages. Bob Machinist, an entrepreneur with an affinity for classic cars, opened a 120,000-square-foot steel building in 2005 to alleviate some of that overflow. Because steel garage building kits allow for easy expansion, that 120,000 square feet increased to 145,000 as demand increased. Because the more than 200 cars are so valuable, the company stresses the importance of the fireproof steel structure.

Ralph Lauren’s Garage

Ralph Laurens Ultimate Steel Garage Building

Photo credit: TheRichest

A Blank Canvas Showcase

The fashion designer used some of his taste for aesthetics when he planned his own unique space. The two-story building more closely resembles a museum than a garage, but don’t be fooled; a workshop is included in the swanky facility. Each of his more than 60 classic cars are displayed on stainless steel and enhanced with a blank, white background.

Milton Robson’s Garage

Milton Robson

Photo credit: Fox News

From Meat Packing to Car Parking

This entrepreneur started a successful meat packaging business out of high school and eventually parlayed that success into a serious muscle car collection. Robson’s extensive collection is sheltered by a 40,000-square-foot steel building in Gainesville, Ga. The building was once used as a barn on Robson’s horse ranch, which partly explains why it’s also home to a fully functioning Western saloon, music stage, barbershop, diner and Mobil gas station.

Modern Garage Buildings Require the Most Versatile Building Material on Earth

Many of these car enthusiasts choose steel buildings for their modern advantages, and those advantages still ring true for small garage owners as well. First and foremost, the buildings must protect valuable property. Steel garages are durable and able to withstand even the harshest environments in addition to being fireproof. Car owners are also able to maximize their space with clear span buildings that provide high ceilings and no columns. If your collection does need some more room, our garage building kits allow for the highest level of customization, so you can begin your own ultimate car collector’s garage.