3 Factors to Consider

Many business and operations outgrow their original facilities, leading to a big decision for many owners: Do you purchase a new building, or do you expand your current building? It’s a complicated question that’s dependent on several factors. Let’s a take a closer look at what should be considered and how steel buildings can determine the best answer for your situation.

Building New vs Expand Existing Scorecard
Local Considerations

No matter what decision is made, you will have to look into the local building codes and regulations. Whether you’re expanding or building from scratch, these codes could limit the size and functionality of your newly designed facility. If you’re confused or frustrated, our pre-construction package offers affordable due diligence. Here’s a few other local factors you may want to consider:

Local Municipalities

Most cities have a master plan that has been in place for decades. The master plan details what areas will be zoned commercial, residential and mixed use. Hidden within these designations there are things like setbacks, height restrictions and landscaping requirements. The city's master plan is usually done in accordance with taxes the city will need as it grows, which makes changing the zoning difficult but not impossible.

Apply for New Zoning

If a parcel of land is zoned commercial and you want to have it rezoned mixed use for example, you can apply for a change in zoning at the city planner's office. You will need to present a compelling case as to why it is in the community's best interest for the change to be made including the effect it will have on the city's income (taxes). Luckily you can build these changes into your land purchase agreement as contingencies.

What Matters to You?

Factors such as commute time, the community you want to be a part of and your family should all be part of the decision making process. Your personal factors will be different than anyone else's, but these factors should be weighed equally against the more common considerations we have discussed above.

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