Barndominium vs Traditional Home

Custom home building has become popular in recent years, and as a result, there has been an increase in non-traditional homes, like barndominiums, pre-fabricated homes, and tiny homes. First-time homeowners have become interested in more unique-looking homes, and for those who have moved into the country, a barndominium has become a popular choice of home.

Quick Comparison


  • Living space built into barn
  • Room for livestock
  • Barn aesthetic

Steel Homes

  • Look like traditional house
  • Completely dedicated to living space
  • Features gable roof style
Barndominiums vs Steel Homes

Barndominiums are a Popular Alternative to Traditional Homes

Since then, barndos have become a popular alternative to the traditional home. They tend to be more energy efficient than a traditional home and usually are lower maintenance. Barndominiums also offer a unique aesthetic because of their design, which makes them appealing to those who want something more than the traditional homes.

40x75 Barndominium Plan
60x60 Barndominium Finished
Interior walls shown for demonstration only, not included.

There is little difference in the interior design between a traditional home and a barndominium. Even if you choose to add a workshop or barn space to the structure, the rest of the interior will look as much like a traditional home as you want.

Unique Roof Elevation on Steel Home

Barndominium Building Kits

General Steel offers pre-fabricated steel building kits, in a wide variety of floor plans and sizes, to make your dream barndo. Having a metal building means your barndo will be more durable and will last longer; construction of pre-fab barndominiums takes approximately 50 percent less time than a building made of traditional construction materials, and it can be 50 percent cheaper.

Where Each Style is Most Popular in the USA

Barndominiums have been rising in popularity for the last few years, and there are some states where they are especially popular. The five states where Barndominiums are the most popular are Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. Since barndos originated in Texas, it makes sense that they are the number one location for barndominiums. A metal home is more popular in Louisiana, Arkansas, Wyoming, Idaho, and Mississippi.

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