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April 2016

Steel Buildings Solve School Overcrowding

With many schools exceeding their capacity, learn why steel buildings have become the durable, sustainable solution versus standard portable classrooms.

October 2015

General Steel Celebrates 20 Years of Success

Before the thousands of General Steel buildings, learn how an unconventional radio advertisement started building a brand known as "The General" in 1995.

June 2015

Top Businesses to Start this Year with a Steel Building

It’s the time of year to make your New Year’s resolution and most people aren’t thinking too far past the first of the year, but now is also the time of year to consider entrepreneurial opportunities […]

September 2014

Prefab Court Building Built in New Zealand

New Zealand recently broke ground on its first pre-fabricated steel court building. This steel court building is one of the first of its kind. Most courthouses across the world are built with concrete […]

August 2014

Why Prefab Steel Buildings are the Future of Housing

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are the construction method of the future. They’re the future of industrial development, warehousing, storage, and homes. Yes, that’s right, homes. Steel homes are becom […]

May 2014

Pre-fabricated Steel Building Market Grows 1.92%

According to Research and Markets, the prefabricated steel building market saw a growth of 1.92 percent between 2008 and 2012. During the financial crisis of 2009, the overall ste […]

April 2014

Spike in Remodeling Great for Steel Building Market

Everything in the construction industry always comes full circle. While one year might be a downturn for new construction, the next year might be just the opposite. The same is true for […]

March 2014

Brooklyn to Erect Largest Steel Building

Brooklyn, New York will soon be the home to the largest modular steel building in the country. The B2 skyscraper, a residential apartment complex, will utilize 32 stories of pre-fabricat […]

January 2014

No End to Steel Demand

When it comes to supply and demand, what happens in one area of the world impacts the rest of the world. Steel is no different because it is a commodity. Some y […]


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