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Steel Buildings and Metal Buildings

Types and Solutions

General Steel coined the phrase “if you need space, you need the General” over two decades ago because we believed that steel buildings could and should be used for a wide variety of uses. It turns out that we were right, over the past 20 years our buildings have been designed, delivered and constructed for virtually every use imaginable.









Customer Service

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Building Quality


General Steel Reviews on ConsumerAffairs

Tom – “The Best Steel Company”

“I take great pleasure in commending the folks at General Steel Corporation. From beginning to end, the process was executed by dedicated professionals at every step of the way.”

Terri – “We Appreciate General”

“I truly appreciate the effort your team made even after business hours and on the weekends to make sure our project was on budget and on time.”

What Makes General Steel Different?

Versatility in Design and Application

  • Garages ranging from one car or RV storage spaces up to shelter for the world’s largest car collection
  • Warehouse expansion buildings for local businesses as well as regional expansions for companies like Boeing
  • Modest aircraft hangars for independent aviators to the Museum of Flight in Santa Monica, CA
  • Newmont Mining operations in Ghana, Africa to a water treatment plant for the U.S. military in Afghanistan

Customized Solutions for Businesses and Individuals

Metal buildings are not prefabricated using cookie-cutter designs, rather each individual building is customized according to use, budget and future expansion possibilities.

How Metal Buildings are Custom Designed

Designed for a Specific Use

While there are design consistencies between two warehouse buildings or two church buildings, there are always more differences between any two buildings than similarities. The fact that you can custom design your metal building according to your budget and expected use as outlined below, is one reason why metal buildings have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years.

Building Type Custom Design Considerations View Examples
Warehouse 1 Designed to accommodate semi-truck loading View Example
Warehouse 2 Designed with roll up doors for entrance into warehouse View Example
Warehouse 3 Designed only for simple storage View Example
Church 1 Designed to look like a traditionally built building View Example
Church 2 Designed to accommodate a sanctuary and church office View Example
Church 3 Designed with high sanctuary ceilings View Example
Get ideas for your upcoming project from other General Steel custom designed buildings.View photos of other types of buildings

How Metal Buildings are Custom Engineered

Engineered for Your Location

Whether you live in sunny California, snowy Alaska or somewhere in between, your building must be properly engineered for atmospheric conditions from the start to ensure it will last for generations. If you make a mistake during the design phase you may lose some operating efficiencies, which you can most likely overcome. On the other hand, if the company you choose to work with does not have the experience to make sure your building will meet or exceed your local codes, your building and investment may fail due to a variety of factors in your locale. Below are a few of the considerations we take into account when we supply a building anywhere in the United States or abroad.

Atmospheric Conditions





This steel building in Silverthorne, CO was engineered for heavy snow loads

General Steel Service and Buildings are Customized

Unless you are a seasoned construction professional, your initial phone call with an experienced project consultant at General Steel is the first step towards a successful project.

When you contact us you will be assigned to a specific representative according to the type of project you are planning in order to ensure that you receive the best service and guidance as we determine how to most effectively move forward with design as well as engineering.

Contact General Steel

It’s easy to get started, contact the General today and get the most experienced team in the industry working on your project immediately!
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Custom Building Applications

Metal buildings can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs and uses including:

Crane Systems
Roof Top Units
Aircraft Hangar Doors
Steel Framed Openings
Numerous Wall Systems
Why metal buildings are the best solution

Building Accessories

You can further customize your building for aesthetics and functionality with numerous accessories including:

Walk Doors
Gutters and Downs
Wall Panels
View accessories and components


Steel building kits are so easily constructed many of our customers can do it themselves. Check out these videos to see if you can do it or if you will need the assistance of one of our qualified contractors.

View construction process

Technical Info

To learn more about what sets the materials that make up a steel building apart from other construction methods, check out our 101 learning center.

Technical Information

The General Steel Difference

At General Steel we understand that no matter how big or small your project may be, who you decide to trust and guide you through the design of your building, procurement of materials and the completion of construction is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You will find that at General Steel, every project we work on is the most important project and as a result, your project no matter the scale will receive the full support of every member of our team.

4 Factors of Truly Successful Projects

Experience You Can Trust

Many of the key individuals who will be guiding you throughout your project have been with General Steel since the company was founded two decades ago. During that time, the team who will be working with you have worked on every project imaginable from modest one car garages and storage buildings to operational expansions of some of the largest companies and organizations in America as demonstrated below. There is simply no way to duplicate the experience our team has collectively gained and will be employing to ensure that your project is executed effectively and economically.

We Chose General Steel

Service You Can Count On

We have teams of experienced professionals ready to guide you through every step of your project starting with your Project Coordinator. Your PC at General Steel is one of our most experienced team members who is assigned to your project as your single point of contact. You can count on General Steel and your personal Project Coordinator to guide you through the process of completing your project and we will all be here to assist you anytime in the future.

Your Project Coordinator Oversees





At General Steel we are only successful upon the delivery of your building and completion of construction. Our team will not rest until your project is a true success.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We use a combination of third party review services, the Better Business Bureau and traditional testimonials to communicate what our most recent customers have to say about working with General Steel.


Superior Quality Buildings

The buildings we supply have always been consistent with our brand image. Other companies in the industry will supply a lesser quality building in order to gain additional profit, these buildings are often from China or Mexico and are not subject to the quality control guidelines we have in place in the United States.

Historic Durability

With the proper attention to codes and loads upfront, your General Steel building will never fail. In fact, following Hurricane Katrina and more recently Hurricane Sandy our buildings were still standing in despite the wide range of surrounding devastation.

Watch Video

Competitive Advantages

When you work with the leader in the steel buildings industry your project will benefit from certain advantages only available through General Steel. Other steel building companies have tried to imitate what makes General Steel different but the truth is, no other company an deliver our competitive advantages.

More Advantages

Your project is too important to settle for anything less than General Steel, learn more about what sets the General apart from the competition.


National Packaging Products

Buildings for Business Expansions

“I am enclosing a picture of our beautiful warehouse. I wanted to send you a photo to let everyone know how much we appreciate the great job General Steel did for us in making this project happen successfully. We constructed the building without the headache of missing any screws or drilling any holes for miss-matched connections”

National Packaging Products grew their successful business with a General Steel warehouse building

“It took us only two weeks to erect the 5000 square foot building. We are very happy we selected General Steel to supply this building for us. Take it from a successful entrepreneur, if you need to expand or start a new business, you need General Steel.”

~ B. Afari – VP National Packaging Products

RV Storage Buildings

Solutions for Individuals

“In working with the staff at General Steel I was able to discuss my exact building specs. The result was a building that surpassed my desired expectations. The staff at General Steel spent time with me one change at a time and the contractor they provided couldn’t have been better. My building is the talk of the neighborhood. I would not hesitate to use General Steel again.”

This RV storage solution features a leanto attached to the metal building

“Their project coordinators anticipated every problem that could come up, thus we had no issues throughout the project. The team at General Steel even made design changes when our over zealous county requirements made us change some aspects of the building. General Steel’s team even talked with the county office to make sure my building would be a success. My building is the highest quality and the service couldn’t have been better.”

~ D. Dyer

Metal Garage Buildings

Our Most Popular Two Car Garage

“The building is great! The contractor said the building went together better than any building he had ever worked on. I would recommend working with General Steel to anyone who needs a building.”

This red two car garage building has been a favorite of our Facebook fans

Our Facebook fans have overwhelmingly voted this garage as their favorite. Contact us and let us know if this is the garage style you’re looking for.

~ J. Potter

Influential External Factors

If you’re a first time buyer, you may be asking yourself how a steel building is priced? The truth is that steel is a complicated commodity and there are a multitude of factors that go into the pricing you receive on your building quote. Below we will discuss the most prominent factors so you can be educated before moving forward with your quote request.

Steel is a Globally Demanded Commodity

Similar to other commodities such as oil, coffee and copper, the steel used to create your building is bought and sold in the global marketplace. The price of steel is determined by supply and demand just like any other commodity long before its price is ever written into the quote you receive. Below is a simple demonstration of how supply and demand influences steel prices.

Supply Demand Price

Supply and demand is economics 101, but what factors are you aware of that could influence the price of your building? Below are a few factors that you may become aware of on the news that can change the global supply and demand of steel.

Example External Factors

Other Construction Projects

Natural Disasters and Rebuilding

The Global Value of the American Dollar

Economic Booms and Depressions

As you can see, if there is a tsunami in Japan resulting in an increased need for steel in order to rebuild, this event could result in supply being lowered significantly while demand quickly rises. In this scenario the price of your building would most likely increase.

How Buying Power Affects Pricing

Economies of Scale

Larger suppliers of any type of commodity have greater economies of scale than smaller companies who do not supply as much material. The steel buildings industry is no different, the largest companies have the most buying power and can pass savings along to its customers. Therefore, when you choose to work with the industry leader General Steel, you gain access to the highest buying power which effectively provides the best price for your building.

Get ideas for your upcoming project from other General Steel custom designed buildings.How Our Buying Power Works for You

Where Your Steel is From

American Made Buildings or Imported Steel

As you’re well aware, imported products from other countries often results in lower prices than American made products. When you purchase a television you it may not matter to you where it was produced, but a metal building is not a product that you should settle for anything less than a well known brand that you know uses American manufactured steel. Your project is simply too important and your building needs to last for generations.

General Steel only supplies American made buildings and has never provided a lesser quality structure in order to gain higher margins. Our brand has grown to represent the highest quality metal buildings available that last, evidenced by our buildings standing strong through natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy.

Corporate Direct Pricing with General Steel

How Do You Qualify?

By Knowing What Size Building You Need

If you know what size building you need, then complete our Price My Building Online quote request. If you are not sure what size you need, you can opt to meet with one of our local contractors who will help you determine what size building you need or you can use the industry’s first online property Map Application pricing tool to locate your property and determine what size building you need.

Other Buying Benefits

When You Work with General Steel’s Corporate Office

50 Year Warranty

Other suppliers will offer you a one year manufacturer’s warranty, but when you purchase your building from General Steel you will receive our 50 year structural warranty at no additional cost.

40 Year Paint Warranty

To accompany your 50 year structural warranty, you will also receive a 40 year paint guarantee.


The team who will be working on your project has worked on thousands of successful projects over the past two decades.

Local Contractors

General Steel has the industry’s largest network of qualified general contractors ready to provide you with concrete, erection or even turnkey services.

Ongoing Support

Once you purchase a General Steel building, the team who worked on your project will always be your team. If you need assistance with anything relating to your building in the future, help is just a phone call away and our contractors are within a short drive for immediate assistance.

Purchase Decision Steps

A metal building is no doubt one of the biggest purchases an individual or business owner will ever make. Thorough due diligence and research should be conducted prior to purchasing a building from any company, which is why our team is committed to best informing our customers whether they decided to purchase a General Steel building or not. To get you started in the right direction, we have outlined the most effective purchase decision steps below.

Building Evaluation: Step 1

Pitfalls to Avoid

Healthy competition is always best for the consumer, but if you plan to gather numerous quotes for your project the biggest pitfall to avoid usually lies in the details of the lowest priced building. If your building has been estimated using incorrect codes and loads resulting in the lowest possible price, you will likely experience change orders in the future or even worse a building not suitable for your locale. Change orders can quickly derail a project from its original budget and typically the lowest priced building contains ample room for future change orders.

Get an Expert’s Opinion

General Steel’s price match program was created to help our customers avoid an incorrectly estimated building. It’s simple, just send us the other quotes you have received and our tech department will perform a free apples to apples quote comparison. General Steel will never be undersold, but if you decide to go with another supplier at least you will know with certainty that your building is properly designed for your area and use.

Quote Comparison 40%

Ratings: Step 2

The Better Business Bureau

The BBB collects and provides ratings for over 4 million businesses and the steel buildings industry is no exception. Acting as an intermediary, the BBB processes disputes between consumers and steel building companies then publishes a rating for the business reflecting its ability to reach mutual resolutions. This step in the purchase decision process is extremely easy and revealing, if the company’s rating isn’t displayed on their website just search for the company by name accompanied with BBB rating and you should be able to find the company’s rating.

Better Business Bureau 50%

Reviews: Step 3

Finding Reliable Reviews

Finding reliable reviews on the internet can by tricky in any industry because often there are numerous websites posing as reliable third party review sources that are actually websites operated by competing companies in the industry.

Third Party Review Collection

General Steel works with two third party review collection services, Shopper Approved and Consumer Affairs. These two websites independently verify reviews written by real customers who have dealt with General Steel and publish the reviews on their websites. We have taken this step in order to hopefully help consumers decipher fraudulently created reviews about our company from real customer experiences with General Steel.

Independent Reviews 60%

Company History: Step 4

Who Are You Working With?

The internet has made it easy for companies to look reliable, but the most reliable facts are often how long a company has been in business and where they operate. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How long has the company been in business under the same name?
  • Do they operate in Florida where there are no consumer protection laws?
  • How many buildings has the company supplied?
  • Has the company performed any work for large corporations and businesses?
Company History 75%

Show Buildings: Step 5

Go Check Out Their Work

You can get a basic feel for the quality of a steel building company’s work by viewing their online photo galleries, but there is no substitute for seeing a building in person. Ask your company if they have any buildings nearby that you can drive by and look at. By doing so you can assure yourself that they have designed a building for use in your location and see how it is holding up.

Show Buildings 90%

Testimonials: Step 6


Testimonials used in tandem with reviews from reliable third party collection services can also be helpful in determining which company should supply your steel building. If the testimonials on a company’s website seem to be in line with what is being said about the company in third party verified reviews, then the testimonials should further convince you who is the best choice for your project.

Testimonials 100%
General Steel Reviews A+

A+ BBB Rating

General Steel works with the Better Business Bureau as an Accredited Business. Our customer service department is evaluated continuously regarding mutually agreed upon resolutions to customer issues and our team has received a dynamic A+ rating based on 16 individual standards. The rating is considered dynamic because our A+ rating reflects our company’s current standing rather than showing a grade that would be based on a previous time period.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Buildings - Pre - Cut, Prefab & Modular - Dealers in Littleton CO

Learn More About General Steel

Third Party Verified Reviews

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For Both Common and Unique Projects

Evolving from Traditional to Customized Solutions

For decades steel buildings were primarily purchased for traditional commercial and industrial projects such as warehousing facilities or manufacturing business expansions. As consumers began to realize the advantages and the customization possibilities provided by this type of construction, metal buildings found their way into the residential garage market along with a multitude of other types of projects for both private individuals and businesses.

As you explore the possibility of a steel building for your unique use, you may be asking yourself if this construction method is right for you? The answer is, absolutely!

What Building Type are You Searching For?

From more traditional applications to customized solutions, General Steel has proven for over 20 years that our metal buildings are the most economical and effective solution for any type of project. The list below demonstrates the versatility of the buildings we design and supply.

  • One, two and three car garages including RV or trailer storage solutions
  • Operational expansion projects for NASA, WalMart, Boeing, Dow Chemical, Disney, General Motors, British Petroleum and Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Single aircraft hangars up to shelter for Boeing’s production of aviation fleets
  • International projects for global mining operations, NGO hospitals in Africa, a municipality project in Turkey and a maritime building in Russia

The reality is, no matter what type of building you are searching for, our team can design and supply a solution for any idea you have dreamed up.

Which Will Stand the Test of Time

Before steel buildings became a popular mainstream construction method, those looking for a garage, agricultural building or any additional space often purchased wood buildings. However, over the past 20 years General Steel has lead the charge towards using steel buildings for virtually every use imaginable and in the process the test of time has shown clear differences between the durability that steel provides over traditionally built structures.

Learn More

If you’re considering a wood built structure for your project, be sure to evaluate you decision with the help of our steel buildings vs wood buildings comparison.

Steel vs Wood Comparison