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General Steel buildings are used for: metal garages, barns, workshops, breweries, auto shops, church sanctuaries and everything in between. Our metal buildings are the most durable, flexible and affordable choice for construction projects of all kinds and carry the longest warranties in the industry. Which is why for over 20 years General Steel has been America’s first choice and our team has designed, delivered and constructed solutions for virtually every use imaginable.

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Recommended Steel Building Sizes

Our buildings come in just about every width, length and height combination you can imagine. The size you choose to explore when you price your building online can be adjusted easily up to 90 days after you place a deposit, we just need your best guess to get started. While you and our team work to finalize your building size, you can customize both the look and functionality of your building with our wide selection of components and colors. As you can see in the table below, the selection of building components and colors is what turns a basic building package into an auto shop, hangar, garage or warehouse.

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We account for every detail from the start so you don’t have to worry about costly change orders in the future or a vulnerable underloaded building. Most importantly, your investment is safe with us and your building will last for generations when you choose General Steel over the other inferior buildings you may be considering.

Base Building Packages

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UseRecommended Building SizeSpecial Considerations
2 Car Garage24′ x 24′A garage this size provides extra storage in addition to vehicle parking. The extra square footage is often outfitted with windows and a 3070 door.
Mini-Storage40′ x 100′Public storage projects start with a basic building size but the interior space is made up of a combination of various storage unit sizes such as 5′ x 10′ and 10′ x 15′ rentable spaces.
RV Storage30′ x 50′This size will easily store most Class A motorhomes. These RV buildings should be at least 16′ tall in order to accommodate a 14′ sectional door.
Workshop30′ x 40′A perfect place to pursue hobbies or even operate a small business. The key to customizing a shop building is selecting the right components such as doors, vents and skylights.
Hangar60′ x 80′The 60′ width allows for the wings to enter the building with ease, but the bi-fold door is what really separates an aircraft hangar from other designs.
Auto Repair30′ x 80′Portal framing your building increases the cost of the building but do so allows for another sectional door and full use of the bay.
Warehouse50′ x 100′Column free interiors is one reason why steel buildings are a great choice for warehousing. Our warehouses also offer functional components such as light transmitting panels and semi-truck docks.

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For decades, metal buildings were typically purchased through contractors for commercial and industrial projects such as warehousing facilities or manufacturing spaces. Then we coined the phrase “if you need space, you need the General” over two decades ago because wanted to make the benefits of steel buildings available to not only businesses but also individuals, churches and organizations; all without the need for a middleman.

In the years that followed, we assembled the most experienced team in the industry, sourced the highest quality materials available and built the most recognized metal building brand known for its solutions to any construction project. Read more from our brand advocates below!

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