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General Steel: Metal Buildings

For decades, metal buildings were typically purchased through contractors for commercial and industrial projects such as warehousing facilities or manufacturing spaces. Then we coined the phrase “if you need space, you need the General” over two decades ago because wanted to make the benefits of steel buildings available to not only businesses but also individuals, churches and organizations; all without the need for a middleman. In the years that followed, we assembled the most experienced team in the industry, sourced the highest quality materials available and built the most recognized metal building brand known for its solutions to any construction project.

General Steel buildings are used for: metal garages, barns, workshops, breweries, auto shops, church sanctuaries and everything in between. Our buildings are the most durable, flexible and affordable choice for construction projects of all kinds and carry the longest warranties in the industry. Which is why for over 20 years General Steel has been America’s first choice and our team has designed, delivered and constructed solutions for virtually every use imaginable.

All Steel Buildings are Not the Same

Our sales team never takes shortcuts and we never compromise the quality that built our brand. Your building will be engineered to withstand the snow loads, wind loads and seismic conditions in your area and custom designed to suit your needs.

We account for every detail from the start so you don’t have to worry about costly change orders in the future or a vulnerable underloaded building. Most importantly, your investment is safe with us and your building will last for generations when you choose General Steel over the other inferior buildings you may be considering.

Don’t Settle for a Low Quality Building

Your project is simply too important! Learn why you shouldn’t settle for less than General Steel quality and our team’s experience

Steel Buildings for National Packaging Products

National Packaging Products

Commerce, CA

“It took us only two weeks to erect the 5000 square foot building. We are very happy we selected General Steel to supply this building for us. Take it from a successful entrepreneur, if you need to expand or start a new business, you need General Steel.”

Metal Buildings for RV Storage

Dave’s RV Storage

Mukilteo, WA

“Putting my building together was easy, we never had to drill any holes. The delivery and fabrication was perfect! Permits in my county were a bit difficult but the guys at General Steel assisted and made it happen. Looking back, this project was a great success.”

Our Clients

Our Process is Simple and Easy to Follow

At General Steel, we make pursuing your project on any level simple and effective. If you will be ready to build soon or you’re just looking for a price, we recommend following our simple 3 step process.

General Steel Buildings Process

Step 1: Find Your Building Type

Each type of building has its own resource page filled with information you will find useful for planning your project. You will also find photos specific to your building type and featured projects in this section.

Step 2: Explore Customization Options

Customizing functionality of your building with windows, doors and other components is only one of the most important parts of planning your project. It is also how you can make your building uniquely yours by selecting its colors.

Step 3: Price Your Building Online

After you’ve researched your project, proceed to the pricing form to provide our team with location you plan to build, your anticipated building size and any other details you would like to communicate before receiving your price.

Researching a Future Project?

No matter where you are in the process of pursuing your project, we are committed to educating you about our buildings and making sure you receive the right solution for your needs.

Is Prefab Right for Your Project?

When it’s time to build you really only have a few construction methods to choose from. First you need to decide if you want to build a steel building, Quonset hut or a Pole barn. Second, if you decide that steel is right for your project then you must evaluate whether you want a prefab building or if you are going to opt for a light gauge building.

Prefab Buildings

How Much Does a Metal Building Cost?

The price of a building is dependent upon 3 easy to understand factors. While you can influence the price of your building by selecting certain components, there are also factors that are out of your control like the global economy and atmospheric conditions. Find out what economic factors you need to keep your eye on and what can increase or decrease the price of a building.

Metal Building Costs

What Do Finished Buildings Look Like?

See how our customers outfit their buildings with doors, windows, colors and even skylights. Browse through hundreds of photos, get inspired and decide how to customize the look and functionality of your building.

Photo Gallery

Are there Basic Packages for Sale?

Being flexible on the size you want is the best way to get a deal or find a sale on a building kit. Each current special available through General Steel Corporate is a basic building package that can be further customized.

Sale Buildings

General Steel: Project Guidance

54 Brands | 26 Industries | 20,000+ Buildings | 14 Countries

Established in 1995, General Steel has become the most recognized and trusted brand name in metal buildings. With thousands and thousands of pre-engineered building kits supplied to businesses, individuals, organizations, municipalities and churches throughout America and across the globe, there is no project our team cannot deliver on time and on budget.

Unmatched Guidance and Support

At General Steel we understand that no matter how big or small your project may be, who you decide to trust and guide you through the design of your building, procurement of materials and the completion of construction is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You will find that at General Steel, every project we work on is the most important project and as a result, your project no matter the scale will receive the full support of every member of our team.

Who Will Be Working with You on Your Project?

Many of the key individuals who will be guiding you throughout your project have been with General Steel since the company was founded over two decades ago. During that time, the team who will be working with you have designed and executed every project imaginable from modest one car garages and storage buildings to operational expansions of some of the largest companies and organizations in America.

There is simply no way to duplicate the experience our team has collectively gained and will be employing to ensure that your project is executed effectively and economically.