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Metal Buildings and Steel Buildings

General Steel coined the phrase “if you need space, you need the General” over two decades ago because we believed that metal buildings could and should be used for a wide variety of uses. It turns out that we were right. Over the past 20 years our steel buildings have been designed, delivered and constructed for virtually every use imaginable.

Buildings for Both Common and Unique Projects

For decades metal buildings were primarily purchased for traditional commercial and industrial projects such as warehousing facilities or manufacturing business expansions. As General Steel helped consumers realize the advantages and the customization possibilities provided by this type of construction, our pre-engineered buildings have found their way into everything from the residential garage market to corporate headquarters and casinos.

Metal Buildings for Any UseBuildings for Every Person, Business, Church and Organization

Consumers choose General Steel for traditional applications like garages and warehousing space to customized solutions like the buildings we transformed into The Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, California and the distillery for the Wyoming Whiskey company in Kirby, Wyoming. General Steel has proven for over 20 years that our expert-designed buildings are the most economical and effective solution for any type of project. Throughout our website and highlighted through success stories on our blog and customer testimonials you will find the wide range of solutions our buildings have provided for businesses, churches and private individuals.

How to Price a Building:

A Complete Roadmap for Your Project

Start by researching and learning why a prefab building is the best choice for your project then use our one of a kind step-by-step guides that take you through the process of finding your perfect building kit, customizing it with accessories and then simple online pricing. No matter where you are in the process of building, we are committed to educating you about our buildings and making sure you receive the right solution for your needs.

Our Process is Simple and Easy to Follow

With General Steel, the buying process is simple. Find your building type, look at the many customizable options for your specific needs, then submit a request for a free price quote online. Our expert sales consultants will provide you with a price for the exact building specifications you need for your location and use.

Our Experience is Unmatched

Our sales team never takes shortcuts, and your price quote will be for a building designed and engineered for the snow loads, wind loads, and seismic conditions where your new building will eventually be erected. Simply put, you will avoid hidden costs and timely delays when you get an accurate price on a correct-to-code building the first time with General Steel.

How Our Customers Are Using Their Metal Buildings

What General Steel Buildings Are Being Used For:

As you explore the possibility of a pre-engineered building for your unique use, you may be asking yourself if this construction method is right for you? The answer is, absolutely because the reality is, no matter what type of building you are searching for, our team can design and supply a solution for any idea you have dreamed up.

  • One, two and three car garages including RV or trailer storage solutions
  • Operational expansion projects for NASA, WalMart, Boeing, Dow Chemical, Disney, General Motors, British Petroleum and Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Single aircraft hangars up to shelter for Boeing’s production of aviation fleets
  • International projects for global mining operations, NGO hospitals in Africa, a municipality project in Turkey and a maritime building in Russia
  • 40x60 Steel Garage Building
  • Steel Commercial Office Building Arizona
  • Steel Buildings for Mini-Storage Businesses
    Mini Storage
  • Metal Batting Cage Building
    Batting Cages
  • Steel Warehouse Wisconsin
  • Steel Casino Building Oklahoma
  • The White House
    The White House
  • Boeing General Steel Customer
  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Disney
  • General Motors
  • NASA

Most Popular Building Kits

  • Auto Repair and Mechanic Shops
    Auto Shops
    More bays more money
  • Metal Barns
    Durable storage and barndominiums
  • Churches
    Learn about our 5 step church process
  • Metal Garages
    A new garage can raise your home value as much as 13%
  • Workshops
    Get the space you need for your work and hobbies
  • Steel Warehouses
    Expand your business with up to 300' of clear span space

Project Resources and Guidance

About General Steel and Our Customers

General Steel: America’s Leading Metal Building Supplier

General Steel Metal Buildings Est. 199554 Brands | 26 Industries | 20,000+ Buildings | 14 Countries

Established in 1995, General Steel has become the most recognized and trusted brand name in metal buildings. With thousands and thousands of pre-engineered building kits supplied to businesses, individuals, organizations, municipalities and churches throughout America and across the globe, there is no project our team cannot deliver on time and on budget.

Unmatched Guidance and Support

At General Steel we understand that no matter how big or small your project may be, who you decide to trust and guide you through the design of your building, procurement of materials and the completion of construction is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You will find that at General Steel, every project we work on is the most important project and as a result, your project no matter the scale will receive the full support of every member of our team.

Who Will Be Working with You on Your Project?

Many of the key individuals who will be guiding you throughout your project have been with General Steel since the company was founded over two decades ago. During that time, the team who will be working with you have designed and executed every project imaginable from modest one car garages and storage buildings to operational expansions of some of the largest companies and organizations in America.

There is simply no way to duplicate the experience our team has collectively gained and will be employing to ensure that your project is executed effectively and economically.

  • National Packaging Products Testimonial
    National Packing Products
    Commerce, CA
    “It took us only two weeks to erect the 5000 square foot building. We are very happy we selected General Steel to supply this building for us. Take it from a successful entrepreneur, if you need to expand or start a new business, you need General Steel.”
  • Jay's Mini Storage Project Kentucky
    Jay's Mini Storage Project
    Hardinsburg, KY
    “I have been a customer of General Steel Corporation for four years. I made my first mini-storage building purchase in spring of 2009. General Steel Corporation helped lead me in the right direction for my storage business to be a success. My business has grown each year and I have made a mini-storage building purchase from General Steel Corporation every year since 2009.”
  • Dave's RV Storage Testimonial
    RV Storage for Dave
    Mukilteo, WA
    “Putting my General Steel building together was easier than expected, we never had to drill any holes. The delivery and fabrication was perfect! Permitting in my county was a bit difficult but the guys at General Steel assisted and made it happen. Looking back, this project was a great success.”