Johnny’s Metal Garage in NC

Standing up to North Carolina’s harshest weather.

Johnny bought his 30×50 General Steel building in 2012 for his 100-acre farm in Hoboken, North Carolina. Johnny, is a self-described “hobby farmer” who is retired but carries on his family lineage by tending to their land.

  • I’m more of hobby farmer, I don’t make a living at it. This land is something my grandparents and my dad had, I’m just trying to take care of it.

Why Johnny Chose a General Steel Building

Johnny needed a flexible and durable solution for his farming equipment.

Johnny parks his combine in his General Steel building. The combine harvester is a machine that harvests grain crops. More specifically, the combine is machine that combines three separate farming operations: harvesting, threshing and winnowing into a single process.

  • My building is a shop but most importantly I keep my combine inside the building. It’s the only piece of equipment I keep inside, it’s the biggest and most expensive piece of equipment I have.

Simply put, the combine separates the seed from the plant material, making it one of the most important and expensive pieces of equipment any professional or hobby farmer owns.

North Carolina Garage Project Update

It’s proven to be an adaptable and resilient building.

Metal Garage NC
Size30x50x16 (1:12)
Roof ColorGalvalume
Wall ColorCrimson Red
Trim ColorSnow White
LocationHoboken, NC

Strength and flexibility are two of the most important features General Steel brand buildings are known for and Johnny’s metal garage kit has proven both assertions to be true on multiple occasions.

Withstanding Hurricane Force Winds in North Carolina

Our buildings are engineered to meet or exceed local codes.

General Steel’s whirlwind building that famously survived Hurricane Katrina has become a popular story among steel building shoppers. Correspondingly, we were pleased but not surprised to hear that Johnny’s building has endured not one but two hurricanes since 2012!

  • I’m very satisfied with the building, it’s been through a couple of hurricanes and it’s still standing. Each storm had 90-100 mph winds that blew a lot of trees down around the county. My building made it through with no problems at all.

The two hurricanes Johnny was referencing are Hurricane Arthur and Tropical Storm Ana. Arthur made landfall on July 4, 2014 with 101 mph winds and Ana found its way to the Carolina coast on May 10, 2015, which is very early in the year for a hurricane.

Utilizing the Flexibility of His General Steel Building

Expanding economically and easily.

In addition to the combine, Johnny also owns a tractor and a grain truck. These two pieces of equipment are now kept in complementary leanto additions Johnny built himself.

  • I’ve already added two leanto structures to each side of the building and a cabin in the rear. So it’s actually quite a bit bigger than it was originally.

General Steel buildings are designed to expand easily in the future, even when you’re simply trying to match the original roof sheeting; it’s easy to do. Johnny built his leanto additions out of lumber and matched the original roof sheeting and rooflines to create a unified structure.

Comparing Johnny’s General Steel Reviews

How does Johnny feel about his building today?

This red 30×50 metal building has always been one of our team’s favorite projects. It may seem simple from the looks of it in the photo, but our team understood from the beginning that this was a significant project for Johnny and his family. It’s safe to say Johnny thought his General Steel building was a great addition to his farm from the start. Here’s what he had to say shortly after erecting the building:

  • The building is great! The contractor that I hired to pour the foundation and slab for my building did an excellent job. He got all of the anchor bolts exactly right. The other contractor that I hired to erect my 30 x 50 General Steel building has erected a lot of buildings over the years. He said this building went together better than any building he has ever assembled. I would recommend working with General Steel to anyone. The plans were very good, and all of the parts needed were there! I am very satisfied with the building!

We asked Johnny how he feels about his General Steel building today after it has worked alongside him on the farm for several years and survived two hurricanes:

  • I have recommended General Steel to several different people around here who stopped to look at my building. I’m very satisfied with the building, it’s all you all said it would be.

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