First Council Casino Building

Traditional steel building benefits with a nontraditional appearance.

In March 2008, 7 Clans Casinos opened its second casino, First Council Casino Hotel in Newkirk, Oklahoma. The luxurious casino in Northwest Oklahoma, just south of the Kansas-Oklahoma border, offers 18 game tables, 1,250 gaming machines, a poker room, blackjack room and bingo. But this facility has more than just gaming. It features full-service bars, a restaurant, snack bar and the Council Bluff Event Center, where national touring acts take the stage. The casino building also has added a hotel – home to 86 rooms and suites, making it a premier destination in the region.

The Otoe-Missouria Development Authority owns and operates five casino buildings in Oklahoma. According to the Missouria Tribe, the 7 Clans First Council Casino building from General Steel is the premeir casino in their portfolio.

Building a Casino with Slot Machines
  • 7 Clans First Council Casino is the most beautiful and exciting casino in the region.

Building a Casino in Oklahoma with General Steel

Incorporating every aspect of your vision is our goal.

Prefab Metal Building Framing for Casino Building
Attaching the Siding Panels to the Casino Building
Casino Building Featuring General Steel Stucco Panels

7 Clans Casinos approached General Steel about building a casino and restaurant in 2007. We worked with 7 Clans Casinos to make sure our building would meet the requirements of a multi-use facility. With a gaming floor, multiple gaming rooms, bars and a restaurant, it was important that the casino building design would be versatile enough to maximize the functionality of each building component.

Casino Building Project Review

54,000 efficient square feet.

General Steel Casino Building
Size180x300x27 (5:12)
Roof ColorGalvalume
Wall ColorStucco
Trim ColorSnow White
LocationNewkirk, OK
Project CoordinatorJonah Goldman

Why First Council Chose a Prefab Steel Building

Our buildings are versatile, open and last for generations.

When you first examine this casino building project, the insulated stucco panels may have grabbed your attention. These panels are distinctive and offer a high insulation value, but the added value is in the manufacturing process. Similar to how all General Steel components are prepunched when the building is fabricated, the stucco is pre-applied to the panels at the factory. This ultimately saves time and money without sacrificing aesthetics.

Casino Building Entrance

The First Council Casino hotel also benefits from three other distinct features of a General Steel building:

  • Customization: The casino building is home to more than just gaming, which requires a one-of-a-kind design specific to the needs of 7 Clans Casino
  • Clear Span: Provides column-free interiors for uninterrupted floor space for gaming
  • Durability: General Steel buildings are made of the highest quality steel, and combined with a 50-year warranty, provide 7 Clans Casinos with a facility they can count on for years to come.
About Otoe-Missouria

The story behind the casino project.

Tribe Seal on Casino Building Sign
7 Clans Casinos are owned by the Otoe-Missouria Development Authority, a branch of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians. The Otoe-Missouria tribe has a storied history in the United States, originally settling in the Great Lakes as part of a larger, united tribe. As the tribe migrated west, the larger, single tribe separated.

Casino Building Benefits

Investing in the Otoe community and culture.

Constructing a Casino Building in Oklahoma
The Otoes and Missourias eventually settled along what is now the Missouri River, where they were known as a center for trade. In 1881, they were moved to Oklahoma, where around 3,000 members still live. The tribe uses the casino revenue to invest in other areas of commerce, including agriculture and hospitality, as well as preserving and continuing their rich tribal culture.

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First Council Casino Building Project Review
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First Council Casino Building Project Review
The First Council casino building project in Oklahoma has become a showcase piece for General Steel. The building benefits from all of the advantages a prefab metal building provides but has a nontraditional exterior appearance featuring our insulated stucco panels.
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